13 October, 2016 11:33








He said that he is still surprised on what happened on 12th of October 1999. He said that Pakistan was very close to be called a defaulter state our foreign reserves were only half a billion dollars.

He said that one day Mian Sharif invited him to Raiwind on dinner and asked him to go with them for Umra. He said that Mian Sharif said to him that you are also like my son. He said that Mian Sharif said his son has made mistake.

He said that before him Nawaz Sharif sacked General Jahangir Karamat but do not know why. He said that many things are said in the meeting of the core commanders but everything is said in the interest of the country.

He said that if he had any intention to overthrow Nawaz Sharif government he was not going to go to Sri Lanka. He said that where in the worlds it happens that army chief is told to leave the space of the country and go some place else. He said that the pilot of his airplane was told to go on twenty two thousand feet altitude he said that he does not have that much fuel. He said that he asked the pilot where else we can go other than Pakistan he said India or Doha. He said that he told his plot only his dead body can go to India he will not go there. He said that later his plane was allowed to land in Nawab Shah.

He said that only one military officer went to the PM house on 12th of October he was very brave officer. He said there were SSG commandos at PM house trained by him and they surrendered.

He said that he never regretted the action of 12th of October he served the country to economic heights and brought prosperity for the people. He said that the foreign reserves reached to sixteen and half billion from half billion dollars. He said that the growth rate during his government was seven percent whereas oil prices were as high as one hundred and twenty dollars per barrel. He said that the installment of the loans Pakistan had taken were higher than the country’s foreign reserves.

He said that there so many people in PML-N that were with him in the past. He said that many people in PML-N are still sympathizers of him. He said that the people he rewarded the most during his government are criticizing him most.

He said that if Pakistan gets upper hand on India in some field we should be proud of it or at least we should be quite. He said questioned that India disintegrated Pakistan and captured Siachin did the world isolated them? He said that we held India from the neck in Kargil but our own government started talking against our own military. He said that we got such a position in Kargil that even a vehicle could not move on the other side we just needed one stone to destroy it.

He said that he himself gave briefing to Nawaz Sharif on Kargil for one hour. He said that DGISI gave briefing to Nawaz Sharif on Kargil and he said that he will be rejoiced if Pakistani flag is posted on Sri Nagar. He said that India journalist Barkha Dutt wrote in her book that India pressurized Pakistan through America. He said that later Nawaz Sharif went to America and signed the pact to leave Kargil. He said that Nawaz Sharif should have said that India should leave Siachin Pakistan will leave Kargil. He said that 175 Pakistani soldiers were martyred at Kargil and we should be proud that we got something from India in the fighting. He said that a person goes in military to fight and sacrifice his life for the country we killed 1500 Indian soldiers in Kargil.

He said that he held dialogues with Indian PM Vajpayee but told him that he will never compromise on the honor of Pakistan. He said that he knew that he was the architect of Kargil episode but still India had dialogues with him.

He said that whoever blasts a bomb in Pakistan or elsewhere in the world is a terrorist. He said that whoever helps his brothers and sisters in Kashmir is a mujahid. He aid that there should be no comparison between Jaish-e-Mohammad and Lashker-e-Tayyaba. He said that Jaish-e-Mohammad is a terrorist organization and is involved in the attack on him as well. He said that Lashker-e-Tayyaba is a very good NGO and did wonderful job during the earthquake in Kashmir.

He said that according to his information India has not launched any surgical strike in Pakistan. He said that it is being said in India that India should punish Pakistan war hysteria has been created in their country. He said that India is now lying about the surgical strike to satisfy its people.

He said that there should be no military take over in Pakistan but if there is no good governance in the country what else the military should do? He said that when the situation is not good in the country people start looking towards the military. He said that again people are saying that Raheel Sharif should not go and he should improve the situation in the country. He said that in his opinion Raheel Sharif should not retire.

He said that he wants to face the cases against him in Pakistan but when he will be sure that justice will be done.