21 September, 2016 11:24








He said that India always accuses Pakistan without any evidence. He said that India says that the weapons recovered from terrorists are Pakistani if the weapons are made of America what is that means America and Obama are involved in terrorism? He said that Pakistan should give strong response Pakistan and India can go in war. He said that Indian PM and defense minister should know that war is not the answer.

He said that India committing the atrocities in Kashmir cause the incidents like Pathankot and Uri base. He said that India accuses Jaish-e-Mohammad without any evidence. He said that Pakistan media is retorting accordingly to Indian media in the past only PTV used to compete with Indian propaganda.

He said that India asks Pakistan to arrest non state actors whereas India state actors are involved in terrorism in Balochistan. He said that it is pity that one American congressman is talking about Balochistan and Sindh.

He said that former Indian PM’s Man Mohan Singh and Vajpayee were very serious in their dialogues with Pakistan. He said that now Modi is India PM that is spreading hate. He said that India calls herself secular democracy but badly treating the Sikhs. He said that he talked with India on equal bases not like India keep cursing Pakistan and our PM is sending presents of Saris.

He said that the declaration that Nawaz Sharif signed with India Kashmir was not mentioned in it. He said that Nawaz Sharif stance that he wants to do trade with India needs to be changed.

He said that after the speech that Altaf Hussain delivered and raise slogans against Pakistan there is no role for him in Pakistan politics anymore. He said that killing of few people is not the solution of Karachi problem the city is the economic hub of Pakistan it can not be closed. He said that after his government PPPP came into power and they themselves say that the issued tow or three thousand weapon licenses. He said that ethnopolitcal war is going on in Karachi Pathan is made fighting with Mohajir and Sindhi with Balochi. He said that investigations should be carried on to learn that who has the connections with Indian RAW it is very serious matter.

He said that MQM London office has lost its credibility and he will like to play a role for Mohajir community now. He said that he can not play any role for MQM. He said that unfortunately an impression has been established that Mohajir are the agents of RAW it should be removed we are all Pakistani.

He said that he remained in Pakistan for three years and went to the court for fifteen times during his stay in the country. He said that he served Pakistan military for forty years and is very proud of it. He said that if the military had not supported him he was going to think that he must has done something wrong that the military did not support him. He said that he wants nothing for himself except for justice.

He said that we should strongly condemn India support for Brahamdagh Bugti this man is worthless just India is supporting him. He said that once Brahamdagh used to live in Kabul and he told Karzai to handover him to Pakistan but Karzai said that he does not know where is he living. He said that he told Karzai that he can give him Brahamdagh address in Kabul.

He said that the appointment of new army chief is the prerogative of the PM he will not comment on it. He said that he thinks that he is very popular in Pakistan but General Raheel is more popular than him.

He said that Afghanistan is playing in the hands of India and our relationship with America have come sour General Raheel should continue his job.