31 August, 2016 11:28







SHAH MAHMOOD QURESHI OF PTI said that the action can be taken against Altaf Hussain according to the British law. He said that Britain needs evidence and there is enough evidence in the speech of Altaf Hussain. He said that now it has been revealed that there was panning to attack on the media houses. He said that Imran Khan asked Britain to file the case against Altaf Hussain and instead they told him the procedure of filing the case against Altaf Hussain. He said that he believes that Britain has no reason to file a case against Altaf Hussain now.

He said that PTI is going to hold a Pakistan Zinda Bad jalsa at Karachi and is inviting everyone to participate in it.

He said that the children of Amjad Sabri are little it is ruthless to kill him he was not a political personality.

He said that MQM supported united opposition point of vies but then separated themselves from TOR committee. He said that his party invites all those parties that are agreed with PTI point of view to participate in protest on 3rd of September.

He said that federal government was supposed to take the lead on national action plan PTI is supporting the government against the terrorism. He said that the people have not distant themselves from PTI it is not easy to stand infront of the government.

NADEEM AFZAL CHAN OF PPPP said that he does not believe that the federal government will take any action against Altaf Hussain. He said that there is no ambiguity left after the statement of Rana Sana Ullah. He said that raising the slogan of Pakistan Zinda Bad is not going to eliminate lawlessness Altaf Husain has given irresponsible statements during the Musharaf government as well. He said that the real thing is that federal government and judges should take the notice on the statement of Altaf Husain.

He said that people like Amjad Sabri are born after centuries there should be no compromise on the murder of Amjad Sabri.

He said that the rangers are not taking action the way they should be Quetta incident was so big but now nobody even remembers it.

He said that all the political parties need to be united just PTI can not do anything there are many ways to do corruption.

He said that he talked to Zardari and he said hurry up organize the party and come out on the streets against the government.

KHALID MAQBOOL SIDDIQI OF MQM said that a case should be registered in Pakistan besides Britain we are asking for it ourselves. He said that MQM has condemned Altaf Hussain statement. He said that we have sacrificed two million people for the sake of Pakistan and Pakistan is Zinda Bad.

He said that may cursed be on those who killed Amjad Sabri and the people should see those people responsible. He said that if the murderer of Amjad Sabri has been arrested he should be in jail but someone should tall that where he is? He said that everyone knows that who was threatening Amjad Sabri for vocalizing Naats.

He said that the political parties have to make announcement that they will not take any personal advantages and will not make the parliament a family business.

SARWAT QADRI BROTHER OF AMJAD SABRI said that does not matter who the murderer is he wants people responsible for the murder of Amjad Sabri. He said that he is consulting law experts if a case of Amjad Sabri murder can be registered in Britain. He said that law and order enforcement agencies have shared some information about Amjad Sabri murder with him.