23 August, 2016 11:59

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ISHAQ DAR OF PML-N said that what MQM did today is condemnable no sovereign country can work like it. He said that the government sent Pervez Rasheed to MQM with the offer to sit down and talk and call off the strike. He said that MQM said that first a delegation should come to talk to them on their demands and then they will think to call off the strike. He said that MQM said that as long the government will not make any formal announcement on their demands they will not call off their strike. He said that Pervez Rasheed met MQM at 3; 45 and two jo0urs later they attacked on the media houses. He said that the attackers are the people who do not want to see Pakistan prospering and want to fail Cpek Project. He said that what MQM said today is against the constitution and law and will be dealt according to the law. He said that the federal government will take action against MQM according to the law but he can not make any announcement at this moment. He said that the interior ministry would have been in action against MQM by now. He said that the federal government is not working on any minus one formula against MQM.

RAZA HAROON OF PSP said that are we for Pakistan or to do politics in the name of empathy, coherence and democracy. He said that MQM has raised such slogans against Pakistan that he can not even repeat them by his tongue. He said that Altaf Hussain incited the people and they raised slogans against the military generals and the institutions. He said that when his party was accusing MQM for such things they were asked to provide the evidence but now the evidence has been captured by the cameras. He said that what we are doing is that we are taking off the fake juice from the shops but not taking any action against the factory that is manufacturing it. He said that he will like to ask Ishaq Dar and Saeed Ghani that what action government will take against MQM for raising slogans against Pakistan. He said that Altaf Hussain and MQM are the names of one thing they can not be separated from each other.

SAEED GHANI OF PPPP said that what MQM said today is like inviting people for terrorism and then it happened accordingly as well. He said that MQM is in crises right now and needs help of all the political parties. He said that all the MQM people whom faces are visible on the videos will be arrested and will be dealt according to the law. He said that the MQM people that have committed terrorism today will be treated according to the laws of antiterrorism. He said that he can not know the exact details yet but he feels that Altaf Hussain name will be included in the FIR.