22 June, 2016 14:34

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SHAZIA MARI OF PPPP said that the kidnapping of the son of the CJ is pitiful and condemnable. She said that the duty of the judge is important but his security is important too.

She said that the election of a PPPP candidate is postponed because there is no election commission in the country right now. She said if today we have to hold elections in the country we can not because there is no election commission in Pakistan at the moment.

She said that Qandeel Baloch wants the attention but the video of Mufti Qavi withy her is lamenting.

She said that Aetzaz Ahsan has stated that it is not that there is a dead lock on TOR’s but the whole issue is dead. She said that if the government will not do something about the issue of Panama Leaks then the container will be ready.

ARIF ALVI OF PTI said that the judges are put under pressure in Pakistan MQM has done so in the hearing of 12th of May. He said that some strong sleeper cell is working in Karachi first there were sectarian murders and now the son of the CJ has been kidnapped.

He said that there are 1.4 million cases pending in the country right now and eighty percent cases are dealt in the Jirga.

He said that he was warning for last three years that the tenure of election commission is about to end it happened but nothing is done about it.

He said that the video of Mufti Qavi is very regretful.

He said that Ishaq Dar himself has said that there are tow hundred billion dollars in Swiss banks of people of Pakistan. He said that Ishaq Dar has said that it is more than enough money to pay off all the debts of Pakistan.

DR MOSADIQ MALIK OF PML-N said that after the eighteenth amendment now judiciary is responsible to bring the changes in their system.

He said that the parliamentary committee on election commission was also responsible they should have started it proceedings two or three months ago.

He said that the accountability should take place but the law should not be passed for the PM only.

SALMAN AKRAM RAJA LAW EXPERT said that legislation is required to bring the changes in the judicial system. He said that federation and provinces both can bring changes in the criminal law. He said that the judicial system of the country is running as is no effort has been made to change it. He said that after the setting of the military courts federal and provincial governments became inactive.

He said that there is a dead lock on TOR’s but FBR and NAB should have taken some initiative which they did not.