14 June, 2016 11:46








He said that AML will participate in the Dharna of PAT but PTI will not become part of it. He said that eventually the case of the 14 dead will be registered against Nawaz Sharif. He said that Tahir Ul Qadri at least visits Pakistan our main leaders are living in self exile for years.

He said that he suggested that Ch Nisar or Shahbaz Sharif should be appointed as PM of the country in the absence of Nawaz Sharif. He said that Nawaz Sharif said that only on his dead body someone else can become the PM in his place.

He said that AML is ready for rallies against the government in the month of July. He said that Molana Fazal U Rehman has become the curse in the politics of Pakistan. He said that Molana Fazal U Rehman told him that General Raheel did not contact him so he joined Nawaz Sharif.

He said that he talked to Khursheed Shah today and he assured him that all the decisions will be made with the consultation of opposition.

He said that a soft corner has been created for Asif Ali Zardari in the establishment. He said that 2016 will be the last year for Nawaz Sharif in the politics of Pakistan. He said that a political change is about to come in Pakistan and the military will play an important role in it. He said that no one is trying to throw down Nawaz Sharif he is self destructive. He said that from 45 to 60 people have joined Ch Nisar. He said that if Ch Nisar becomes the PM of the country he will vote for him for the sake of the democracy.

He said that some big operation can take place in Pakistan before the Gawadar becomes functional. He said that Nawaz Sharif has no foreign policy he has made our military like sandwich. He said that on one side it is Afghanistan and other it is India. He said that Tariq Fatimi is an influenced agent of America and General Rizwan encountered him.

He said that General Raheel belongs to the family of martyrs if he said that he will not take extension he will not do so. He said that the three top general after Raheel Sharif also understand that the current government is unable to run the country. He aid that only the military can pull Pakistan out of the situation it is in with a collective effort. He said that a bloody year can come for the military of Pakistan the enemy wants to fail Cpek on any cost.

He said that if Imran Khan will not move in collaboration of other political parties it will be a huge mistake of him. He said that in the government of Nawaz Sharif the country neither goes forward nor backward there is only 300 MW increase in the electricity in last three years.

He said that Mustafa Kamal has come from the party of Mohajirs and this aspect should not be ignored. He said that today there is a Mustafa Kamal in every political party of Pakistan.

He said that the youth of PTI is not ready to accept the leaders that have come from other parties.

He said that the government has to accept TOR’s otherwise it will be harmful for them.

He said that the jokes have been said about the surgery of Nawaz Sharif because of the media cell of PML-N.