9 June, 2016 11:12

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SHAH MAHMOOD QURESHI OF PTI said that it is lamenting that Khawaja Asif is a senior parliamentarian and he used contemptuous language. He said that whenever Khawaja Asif speaks in the parliament he passes thoughtless comments. He said that after today’s comments of Khawaja Asif the women of all the political parties including PML-N have got together against him. He said that tough language can be used in the public meetings but in the parliament you have to pay heed before using the words.

He said that according to the newspapers the army chief talked about the policy of the government about Afghanistan, Iran, India and America in the meeting with the ministers. He said that after the American drone attack the defense minister remained quite for four days and there was no reaction of the government.

He said that he told Ishaq Dar that his party is against the secrete amendment the government is trying to bring in the finance bill. He said that Ishaq Dar promised him to remove it and hopes that he will.

He said that if the government will not be greed on the TOR’s on Panama Leaks there will be peaceful protest on the streets.

NADEEM AFZAL CHAN OF PPPP said that the statement of Khawaja Asif is lamenting our religion and moralities do not allow such comments. He said that there was inquiry of the ministers infront of the army chief they should tell that what discussion they had there. He said that inquiry infront of the army chief is not the disrespect of PML-N but the contempt of the parliamentarians.

He said that his party is also against the amendment through the finance bill. He said that the government believes that just Lahore is Punjab and has done nothing for the rest of the province. He said that the government is doing nothing for the small provinces and Balawal actually called Punjabistan to Sharifistan. He said that the government should tell that which project in the small provinces they have started with the foreign investment. He said that there will open heart surgery of the whole PML-N after Nawaz Sharif in the case of Panama Leaks. He said that the establishment now understands that PPPP is a patriot party and Sharifistan are the security risk for the country.

MOHAMMAD ZUBAIR OF PML-N said that Khawaja Asif should use such language that could move forward good parliamentary tradition and nor spoil them. He said that he apologizes on the remarks of Khawaja Asif in the parliament.

He said that according to the ISPR the army chief talked about the policy about Iran, Afghanistan, India, America and the interior problems.

He said that the tax collection this year has reached to rupees 31 billion from 1900 which is highest in the history of Pakistan. He said that Sindh’s share this year will be equal to two years amount.