2 June, 2016 12:36

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AHSAN IQBAL OF PML-N said that the business is done in the native country and internationally most of the businesses today are multi national. He said that the real thing is if any illegal business or activity is being done and that is objectionable. He said that the government says that all illegal money should be investigated whereas opposition one way or another wants to involve Nawaz Sharif in it. He said that he will request to the opposition to sit together to decide the TOR’s and anybody that has done corruption should be probed. He said that any money that is sent abroad illegally is corruption. He said that we can not call anybody thief it is up to the jury to decide that who is guilty. He said that everyday in the evening talk shows there is discussion against democracy and politicians. He said that we need to set such a institution that could capture the corruption of tomorrow and day after tomorrow.

He said that when PML-N took over the power the economy was in chaos and load shedding was common. He said that our exports are going down because we totally depend on textile industry. He said that the government is going to emphasis on increasing the exports and agriculture in the budget of 2016-17.

JAHANGIR TAREEN OF PTI said that there is nobody’s name in the Panama Leaks from PTI including Aleem Khan. He said that everybody knows that illegal money goes to Dubai and then to London. He said that he will like to ask the government that what is stopping them to investigate the illegal money sent to Dubai and Panama Leaks. He said that FBR had the files for last one year but did not act against anybody.

He said that the accusation of Panama Leaks is not labeled by the opposition it is an international scandal. He said that opposition is demanding an investigating commission because FBR and FIA are not willing to act against anybody.

He said that the government should take such steps in the current budget that could catch the people that have sent their illegal money abroad the opposition will support it.

He said that the load shedding has been decreased in the cities like Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi but in the rural areas people are still facing twelve hours black out. He said that the load shedding has been improved little bit but the difference is very minor. He said that all the targets set by the government to improve the economy of the country have been failed.

He said that Nawaz Sharif announced a package of 2.5 billion rupees for the people of Lodhran but it is still not fulfilled because he won the election there.

He said that the growth should be the first priority of the government so that the people could get jobs. He said that the budget for year 2016-17 should be based on tax reforms.