20 April, 2016 12:39

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DR MUSADIQ OF PML-N said that stopping terror financing is the demand of the whole nation besides local corruption money foreign countries are also involved in it. He said that we need to keep eye on local terror financing in order to eradicate it. He said that the statement of army chief is correct we should not let corruption money be used for terrorism. He said that the government is in consultation on investigation commission with all the political parties. He said that constitution does not allow calling the military for accountability. He said that if PML-N ministers are involved in corruption the investigation should be carried out against them.

ASAD UMER OF PTI said that the corruption is not directly involved in terrorism but it is affecting the country. He said that the rich class does not pay taxes and then onus is put on the poor. He said that taking the money abroad is directly connected with terrorism and restlessness in the country.

He said that DAWN newspaper has published an article about Malik Riaz with full evidence why the government is not taking any action against him? He said that if the military will take any unconstitutional action PTI will not support it. He said that constitution does not allow calling the military for accountability also does not allow taking corruption money out side the country as well.

He said that PTI always supports accountability and Imran Khan has said that the process should be stated from him.

WASEEM AKHTER OF MQM said that unfortunately the two main parties always scratch each other back. He said that the politics has been made a game and industry in the name of democracy. He said that the CJ of SC is an honest man and an investigating commission should be constituted in his command. He said that military operation is going on in South of Punjab may be some evidence is found there of corruption money being used there for terrorism. He said that there should be accountability across the board but also a time frame should be given to complete it.

MOLA BAKSH CHANDEO OF PPPP said that the statement of army chief is criticism that the government and the politicians are doing nothing against corruption. He said that it is Sharif family that has to provide evidence in Panama Papers allegations that they are innocent. He said that PPPP also supports forming of investigating commission headed by the CJ of SC. He said that PPPP has faced the accountability of the civil, military regimens and the media as well.