25 March, 2016 11:22







SARFRAZ BUGTI INTERIOR MINISTER OF BALOCHISTAN said that an intelligence agency of Pakistan ahs arrested a serving RAW officer from southern Balochistan. He said that Pakistan point of view from inception is that India is involved in the unrest of Balochistan. He said that Indian RAW agent has confessed that he is present in Pakistan for violence in Balochistan and Karachi. He said that soon all the details about Indian RAW agent will be revealed in front of the media in a press conference.

SHAFQAT MAHMOOD OF PTI said that India is making propaganda in the whole world that Pakistan is involved in terrorism in their country. He said that we argue that India is involved in terrorism in Balochistan and Karachi they ask for proof. He said that Pakistan has handed over a dossier of proof to the secretary general of UNO but they also should be shared with the nation. He said that whatever happens in India they say that even it is done by non-state actors but Pakistan agencies are behind it. He said that we also say that India is directly involved in Balochistan and Karachi. He said that the narrative of Pakistan against Indian terrorism in our country should be such that should be acceptable for the world. He said that we are always defensive against India while talking on the issue of terrorism.

He said that the government itself filed the case against Musharaf if it was according to the law then why let him go abroad. He said that the performance of Shahbaz Sharif in Punjab is such that there are three patients lying on one bed in doctor’s hospital Lahore. He said that people do not have clean water in Punjab.

TALAL CH OF PML-N said that Pakistan had indirect proof of Indian terrorism before but now we have direct evidence. He said that we talk every thing including terrorism in the composite dialogues with India. He said that if the case of arrested Indian RAW agent will be necessary to send to the military court it will be referred there.

He said that if the federal government has wrongly interpreted the decision of SC about Musharaf a write can be filed against it. He said that the whole Sindh and Karachi is asking for Shahbaz Sharif Sindh government is unable to collect garbage and put the covers on the man holes.

SHEHLA RAZA OF PPPP said that she will like to congratulate to the Pakistan agencies that arrested Indian RAW agent. She said that it is up to Pakistan government and agencies that what kind of information they will like to reveal about Indian RAW agent. She said that PM Yousuf Raza Gillani has provided evidence on Indian terrorism to their PM in Sharm Al Sheikh. She said that the personal relations of Nawaz Sharif are growing with India but does not matter in which direction the relationship between the two countries is going.

She said when Begum Nusrat Bhutto was diagnosed with cancer the court ordered to forma doctors board to confirm her disease. She said that the court also ordered to form a doctor’s panel in the case of Dr Asim as well. She said that Saudi Arabia called to Nawaz Sharif to let Musharaf go abroad. She said sixty associates of Musharaf are sitting in the government of PML-N.

She said in Malakand people carry their patients to the hospital on their beds.

SALMAN MUJAHID BALOCH OF MQM said that it is great that Indian agent has been arrested from Balochistan now thorough investigations should be done from him. He said that India councilate in Afghanistan do not issue visas to the people instead they are providing weapons to the terrorists. He said that Indian RAW agent has divulged that he was sent to Pakistan to create unrest in Balochistan and Karachi.

He said that a deal has been broken between the military and Nawaz Sharif that Musharaf will be allowed to go abroad and the military will take no action South Punjab and against the corrupt ministers of PML-N.

He said that Karachi is not asking for Shahbaz Sharif instead demanding powers after the local elections.