17 March, 2016 12:13







MOHAMMAD ZUBAIR OF PML-N said that it is not the will of the government the court says that Musharaf name should be removed from the list of ECL. He said that the government will soon give its stance on the decision to remove the name of Musharaf from ECL. He said that Musharaf is very sensitive because civil military relation is connected with it. He said that PML-N stance even today is that Musharaf committed the treason.

Talking about the funding to MQM by RAW he said that the question is not the funding of RAW only there are many more things need to be investigated.

NADEEM AFZAL CHAN OF PPPP said that the permission to Musharaf to go abroad is the second part of the NRO signed between him and Nawaz Shari the first part was the going out of country of Nawaz Sharif. He said that PML-N made the right decision to let Musharaf go to overseas our government and courts have no other choice. He said that how dare someone to punish a former army chief. He said that the article six should be abolished from the constitution it only punishes the weaker and not the powerful. He said that the government has apologized it is good for it now it can survive for another two years.

He said that in the case of Bugti Musharaf never appeared before the court and was set free it never happened that an accused is set free without appearing in the court. He said that powerful is never punished in Pakistan the courts are free for PPPP only.

He said that Musharaf and MQM are responsible for 12th of May they are also responsible for torching the lawyers in Karachi. He said that Nawaz Sharif said that he will probe Musharaf and the incident of Siachin but he did not. He said that judiciary is also responsible besides Musharaf because they are the facilitators. He said that the accusation on MQM of taking funding from RAW is arm twisting Mian Nawaz Sharif also took money from Saudi Arabia.

ARIF ALVI OF PTI said that he is very disappointed our courts can not do justice to anybody Musharaf remains in the country or go abroad it does not make any difference. He said that many people charged under article six in our country but without any outcome nobody has courage to stand on his decision.

He said that on 12th of May people were dying but the rangers did not have bullets in their guns. He said that Pervez Musharaf and MQM are responsible for 12th of May events. He said that the courts can not hear the case against Musharaf he has said it many times. He said that another dangerous thing is going to be happened the government is going to announce amnesty for all political prisoners. He said that the cases of common citizens are in the courts for more than ten years they all should be given amnesty if political prisoners are going to have it.

He said that the investigations of the funding of RAW to MQM should be carried out but there will no concrete evidence to punish the party. He said that the action against Exact was taken just because of one article but government is not doing anything against MQM despite of the allegation of funding by RAW.

RAZA HAROON FORMER MQM LEADER said that treason is treason no one can convert it to loyalty whether it is the parliament or some one else. He said that whoever is involved in crimes should be punished regardless and it is the job of the federation. He said that SC has given its verdict on 12th of May events but if that is not satisfactory the government can hold another inquiry. He said that fifty people were murdered on 12th of May and there is no simple way to fix the responsibility.

He said that the cases of political workers are underway more than ten years they should be given relief through amnesty.

He said that investigations should be held on the allegations of Sarfraz Merchant it is sensitive issue and we should not talk about it.