3 March, 2016 12:17







SHAHID KHAQAN ABBASI OF PML-N said that the first ship carrying LNG has shored in Pakistan and it is a great achievement of the government. He said that the terminal to deliver LNG has been built on bidding bases and there is no wrong doing in it. He said that the issue of LNG was discussed in the parliament but PTI was not present there at the time. He said that profit or los in both of the situations the private company will bear it.

He said that the government completed Rawalpindi-Islamabad metro bus in the record time and 1.5 million people travel on it every day. He said that Punjab gets minimum share of its NFC award but its performance is better than other provinces.

He said that the military is offering great sacrifices in the war against terrorism it should not be dragged into politics. He said that PML-N government is corruption free and ready to face any allegation.

ASAD UMER OF PTI said that the decision to import LNG is right there is shortage of the gas in Pakistan. He said that the deal of LNG is not transparent it would have been better if the matter had discussed in the parliament. He said that the deal of LNG is not beneficial to the people and the tax payers of the country. He said that according to the agreement on LNG the profits will go to the private company whereas the losses will be put on the people and the tax payers of the country.

He said that he has the documents given by Ahsan Iqbal that reflect that Lahore Orange Train is part of the Cpek plan. He said that most of the sectors of Islamabad do not have drinking water, children are out of school and the streets are not paved in the rural areas. He said that the government has spent billions of rupees on metro bus. He said that the government will bear twenty four billion losses on Orange train every year. He said that if the process of accountability will not be transparent the people will look towards the establishment.

He said that Dubai department of land has revealed that seven hundred million dollars investment has been made there by the Pakistanis. He said that on the one hand we are taking load from IMF and on the other hand we are making investments in Dubai.

He said that he presented a motion in the parliament for the audit of tax of the members of the parliament which was rejected. He said that seven MNA’s of PML-N voted against the audit of the members of the parliament.

SALMAN MUJAHID BALOCH OF MQM said that there can not be any transparency where Saif U Rehman is involved. He said that Nawaz Sharif went to Qatar to sign the deal of LNG by himself that makes the deal further dodgy. He said that many mega projects in the past were called transparent but big corruption was revealed later. He said that Hassan Nawaz has talked to Israel about Recodick project.

He said that as long the clause of pre-bargain exists in the law of Nab nobody can be punished. He said that NAB takes a percentage of the money of corruption and signs the deal with accused. He said that the members of the NAB also get their share out of the percentage.

He said that the government has spent ten billion rupees of Cpek on Lahore Orange train. He said that General Raheel Sharif and the forces are determined to eradicate corruption in the country. He said that MQM will openly support the forces on the issue of corruption.

He said that the metro bus project of Lahore and Karachi are not alike there is huge difference of money allocated for two projects.

He said that the chief ministers of three provinces were not present at the tie of the visit of the president of China. He said that Nawaz Sharif only takes his brother Shahbaz Sharif on the foreign tours. He said that the ministers of the present government are toothless.