26 February, 2016 11:16







LATIF KHOSA OF PPPP said that the names of Nawaz Sharif and Ishaq Dar are included in the list of one hundred fifty mega cases of corruption issued by the NAB. He said that NAB should take to the ultimate end to the charges of outrageous corruption it labels on the people. He said that we need to revamp the whole justice system in the country.

He said that Asif Zardari did not give his statement of extension for Raheel Sharif to get out of the pressure of the military. He said that Khurrum Watto submitted the resolution of extension for Raheel Sharif in Punjab assembly in the personal capacity.

He said that the legislation is the job of the parliament and the government should follow it.

SHAH MAHMOOD QURSHI OF PTI said that PPPP is right up to some extent NAB is focused on them only whereas corruption is corruption no matter who does it. He said that NAB made up huge cases of corruption in the past as well but no was punished. He said that the past of the NAB is not glorious that is why people are disappointed.

He said that Imran Khan has stood in the way of the amended bill of accountability in KPK and has formed a committee of experts to review it. He said that Imran Khan has said that he will not tolerate any hurdle in the way of justice.

He said that people are of the opinion now that corrupt politicians are supporters and collaborators of each other. He said that people now see that car with scorn that has MNA or MPA tags on it and that is very dangerous. He said that political parties now have to pay heed and put aside the rotten fishes. He said that he will request to Zardari that there some people in PPPP that are burden on the party get rid of them.

He said that the beginning of debate on corruption on TV in Pakistan is a welcome gesture in Pakistan. +

He said that Khurrum Watto is the son of the president of Punjab PPPP and he submitted the resolution for extension of general Raheel with the consent of his father and the party.

He said that the military courts were constituted temporarily meanwhile the government was supposed to bring new reforms in the law he will like to ask what has been done so far on this regard.

DR MOSADIQ OF PML-N said that if at this moment politicians will point their fingers on each other it will disappoint people and that can damage the democracy. He said that whoever is involved in corruption action should be taken against him according to the law. He said that twenty two years ago a case against Nawaz Sharif was registered it should have been decided by now.

He said that he is assured if some one is proven guilty of corruption no political party will own that person.

He said that the government has advised the judges to improve the justice system but no step forward has been taken as yet.

KHAWAJA IZHAR UL HASAN OF MQM said that from accusation to conviction the success rate in Pakistan is only one percent. He said that much more legislation is required to prove an accused as guilty in Pakistan.

He said that MQM is blamed for many things in the past as well like Jinnah Poor plan but nothing has been proved against it.

RAO ANWAAR SSP MALEER KARACHI said that people of Layari Gang were running gambling centers and taking extortion from the people and some officials were also involved in it. He said that many divulgences are being revealed in the investigations of JIT. He said that CTD and rangers have also arrested people trained from India. He said that the people trained from India have connections with top leaders of MQM.