19 February, 2016 11:12






KHALID MAQBOOL SIDDIQI OF MQM said that MQM is going for hunger strike because the speech and picture of Altaf Hussain is permanently banned in the country. He said that the leaders of the banned outfits and corrupt are allowed coming on TV but the doors are closed for the leader of an elected party. He said that hunger strike and Dharna are the democratic rights but MQM has not closed the doors of dialogues.

He said that the democracy in the world proceeds with the transparency of the accountability whereas there is selective accountability in Pakistan. He said that there is a continuous story of corruption in Pakistan but no big officer is ever punished in Pakistan. He said that only the small ranked employees are punished. He said that people believe that the businesses of the ruling families are running because of the corruption. He said that the federal government is going to introduce a new law that NAB should take its permission before arresting anybody. He said that when Sindh government introduced such law the federal government was criticizing it. He said that the feudal and family politics is running in the country the masses should oust such people from the politics.

SHAH MAHMOOD QURESHI OF PTI said that there should be no ban on the speech of Altaf Hussain and he should show some restrain too. He said that Altaf Hussain some times says such phrases that are painful for some people. He said that PEMRA has taken selective decisions and is not neutral as was expected.

He said that the government says that LNG is necessary for instant solution of the shortage of energy but we have not utilized our resources of coal and hydro properly. He said that taking gas from Iran can be cheaper but we are not paying any attention to that project anymore. He said that misunderstandings are created because of Saif U Rehman we can see him sitting in the meetings for LNG. He said that Punjab government is afraid of its shadow many cases were filed against it but there is no out come of any of those cases. He said that the corruption is rampage in Pakistan but NAB and anti corruption units have been failed to curtail it. He said that the statements of Nawaz Sharif and Rana Sana Ullah against the NAB are very irresponsible in the gesture. He said that no one has been arrested as yet and cries have started already.

He said that any law in KPK that hinder or neutralize the justice should be changed.

He said that people belonging to any class can take part in the politics the real thing is to working with honesty. He said that no one believes in the process of accountability in Pakistan.

SHAHID KHAQAN ABBASI OF PML-N said that as much time media gives to Altaf Husain no other leader is given. He said that PEMRA has banned him to appear in the media they should clarify the reason.

He said that the agreement singed with the company is owned by the government of Qatar and there is no share holder in the company. He said that no law of PEPRA has been violated in the import of LNG from Qatar. He said that the price of LNG is connected with the price of petrol and fluctuation in oil prices will affect the price of LNG as well. He said that the line losses of LNG will be only half a percent. He said that he will welcome any investigations regarding the deal of LNG accusers should watch their own actions. He said that NAB should do the investigations but should not intimidate any body the officers stop working because of the fear. He said that NAB only asked for the date of the deal of LNG which was provided no probe is going on. He said that the government has not spent even a penny in the construction of the terminal for LNG the investment of the government is zero.

He said that the anti corruption units are themselves the most corrupt institutions in Pakistan.