22 December, 2015 13:08


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He said that the success in Karachi operation, peace of the city and the way people came out on two Eids suggest that it should continue. He said that on the issue of the permission CM of Sindh has stated that there will be no difference the operation will continue as is. He said that there is room in the constitution to continue Karachi operation in the current form. He said that according to one survey the crime rate in Karachi has been dropped eighty five percent.

He said that the goals of the government and the military are the same great successes have been achieved in Balochistan and operation Zarb-e-Azb. He said that Dr Abdul Malik was elected the CM of Balochistan under a pact and understanding. He said that the new CM will continue what Dr Abdul Malik has agreed with Brahamdagh Bugti and Khan of Qalat. He said that just like Karachi the situation in Balochistan has been improved for better considerably.

He said that Nawaz Sharif held a meeting on the issue of the banned outfits in Punjab and advised to gear up the action against them. He said that Lashker-e-Jhangvi and its top leadership have been eliminated in Punjab and its members are on the run. He said that NGO are being registered and action is being taken against the Madrassas teaching extremism. He said that three thousand terrorists and their sanctuaries have been destroyed.

He said that rupees one hundred billion have been allocated for the operation Zarb-e-Azb in the budget this year. He said that many TDPs have gone back to their homes but about eight to nine hundred thousand are still there. He said that TDPs cannot be allowed to go back to their homes without security check.

He said that twenty six percent shares of flight operation of PIA are going to be sold. He said that the losses of PIA are two hundred and ninety five billion rupees. He said that not just privatization commission but a committee of the senate will also take part in the process pf private bidding of the PIA. He said that on the statement of Khursheed Shah he said to offer PIA to the government of Sindh before anybody else.

He said that in 1999 at the end of the PML-N government total debt of Pakistan was 2946 billion rupees. He said that during Musharaf era the debt reached to 6500 billion and during PPPP government it hit 15000 billion rupees level. He said that the government ahs decreased circular debt the reports in the newspaper are not correct.

He said that the decrease in the prices of many other commodities besides the petrol has caused to not achieving the target of the exports. He said that the people who never paid taxes before we need to bring them in tax network with love and cherishing.