2 December, 2015 11:15



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JAHANGIR TAREEN OF PTI said that war against terrorism is needed to be taken to its climax and the terrorists should be perished where ever they are. He said that after some incident everybody comes on one page but after a while there is business as usual. He said that after the APC incident all political parties became on one page the government needs to follow its decisions. He said that All Parties Conference can be called again if necessary but the government should pursue the terrorists vigorously.

He said that the rangers catch the culprits investigate them but court has to prosecute them they both are needed to be on one page.

He said that the local body elections in Karachi should be held on 5th of December and should not be postponed. He said that today Siddique Baloch twelve friends have joined him they were PML-N workers for last thirty years. He said that he is firmly competing against PML-N in his constituency and hopes to give good news on election’s day.

SHEHLA RAZA OF PPPP said that the attack on the soldiers in Karachi is condemnable we are in the state of the war. She said that still our people have soft corner for the terrorists they provide them shelter. She said that unfortunately the religion is used as excuse for terrorism whereas Islam is the name of the peace.

She said that if anybody from PPPP is accused for terrorism he should be arrested.

She said that the success of the PPPP candidates in Karachi depends on how they run their election campaign.

She said that it is beyond her imaginations that how the FIR of a crime can be registered in Pakistan that has been committed abroad.

She said Dr Asim case should proceed in a transparent way.

Salman Baloch OF MQM said that a terrorist has no religion he is just a terrorist. He said that his name is on the list of the terrorists and one of their accomplices is the candidate for chairman from UC 43 on the ticket of PPPP.

He said that MQM has expressed its concern that the local body elections in Karachi can be postponed by making the excuse of some incident.

He said that who will be more willing than MQM that Dr Imran Farooq murderers should be apprehended. He said that no innocent should be punished in the case of the murder of Dr Imran Farooq. He said that he is surprised on the statement of Ch Nisar that the FIR of Dr Imran Farooq will be registered in Pakistan this crime has not committed here.

SIRAJ UL HAQ OF JI said that JI condemns the attack on the soldiers and demand the arrest of the culprits. He said that the attack on the soldiers is the attack on the whole Pakistani nation. He said that any organization or individual has no right to kill anybody only the state can kill someone if the case is proved against him.

He said that JI and its allies will succeed in Karachi this time to be united and not to be apart. He said that whenever JI mayor of Karachi is elected the city has flourished.