25 November, 2015 11:08


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SHEIKH RASHEED AHMED OF AML WAS THE ONLY GUEST ON THE SHOW He said that no one knows Karachi situation better than MQM and Farooq Sattar seems confuse on the issue of local body elections. He said that there is fifty fifty chance of local body elections in Karachi. He said that if the local body elections are held in Karachi he is seeing MQM winning them.

He said that if Dr Asim case goes to the Sindh high court he will be bailed out but if it goes to the anti terrorism court he will be sentenced. He said that the real case against Zardari will be Uzair Baloch. He said that a former minister tried to patch up between Asif Zardari and the institutions but it was in vain. He said that Nawaz Sharif sent Ishaq Dar and Fawad Ahmed to Dubai to have a meeting with Asif Ali Zardari there.

He said that three hundred fifty new voters are added in the constituency of Lal Havali and he has text a message to Ch Nisar to have up to date knowledge about it. He said that there will be close contest in his constituency it will break even of AML will win it by one or two seats there.

He said that PM and General Raheel both went on the visit of America but General Raheel visit was dominant.

He said that from Musharaf era to up to now eighteen thousand billion rupees loans have been taken. He said that PPPP took rupees ten thousand billion loans during their government.

He said that PML-N is technically playing with the democracy.

He said that Aleem Khan contested the election fantastically he is well aware of the situation and he says that third time election will be held in NA122.

He said that the main problem of Pakistan is gang of five and their thirty children.

He said that instead of giving statement about good governance the military should have spoken with their action.

He said that in the next three or four months Nawaz Sharif will go home or dominant everything. He said that Nawaz Sharif was so intimidated by the statement of good governance from the military.

He said that in his opinion NAB will not adjudicate the cases of corruption of Punjab. He said that the people are asking if the military belongs to Pakistan or Punjab why the cases of corruption of Punjab are not going ahead.

He said that the statements MQM leaders made in their speeches are like the declaration of war. He said that the statements of MQM leaders are posing the threat of the civil war.

He said that Marvi Memon has fake domicile of Islamabad her real problem belongs to Sindh. He said that Benazir Income Program and Bait Ul Maal is the business of billion of rupees.

He said that Zulfiqar Mirza has done well and he is the Mola Jatt of Sindh.

He said that there should be cricket between Pakistan and India but with the dignity and honor.

He said that he can see the spark in the eyes of the Muslims of UP and CP because of the extremism of Modi.