17 November, 2015 10:32



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TALAL CH OF PML-N said that eversince PML-N has taken over the power rumors are being spread. He said that it was said that the government will go home before Eid and 23rd of March was also given as the last date of the government. He said that the motive of Dharna was to send PML-N government home.

He said that whenever a meeting is held about some particular area a military official of the concern area sits in there. He said that Pakistan and its institutions can move forward only within their circles. He said that today’s Nawaz Sharif statement was about Dharna. He said that everybody from PML-N including him has been barred to say anything by the top leadership of the party. He said that the situation of the country is such that PM and army chief have met each other at least seventy times.

He said that the government has to introduce reforms and deliver performance whereas the institutions have to remain within their circle.

FAWAD CH POLITICAL ANALYST said that General Raheel visit to America was preplanned but the visit of Saudi Arabia was planned at the time. He said that General Raheel is visiting America because of the problem of Afghanistan. He said that General Raheel visited Saudi Arabia because the kingdom was unhappy on the issue of the Yemen.

He said that if ISPR has used the word of governance intentionally then the things are not going to stop here. He said that the issue of the bad governance mentioned by the military is not unreasonable. He said that nothing has been done about FATA, JIT and Madrassa reforms. He said that Punjab is also a problem all the corruption is not being done in Sindh and Karachi only. He said that the cases of Khawaja Saad Rafiq and Babar Awan from Punjab are in NAB. He said that there should be an institution to play the role of the mediator between the government and the military. He said that the department of the national security council should be formed for that purpose.

He said that the credit for operation Zarb-e-Azb goes to general Raheel because General Kayani was unable to take the initiative. He said that there is one theory that four military generals are conspiring against the government. He said that we should not forget that the military has a political role as well in our country. He said that the government should have the ability to govern and PM team does not posses this capability.

He said that PPPP does not have the realization of the problems of the country.

SHAFQAT MAHMOOD OF PTI said that it is obvious that Nawaz Sharif today statement is about the military. He said that the mentality of Nawaz Sharif is such that he wants to rule all by himself. He said that the military is offering the sacrifices and meanwhile a statement is issued against it that will definitely stir up the situation. He said that the governance of the government is failed otherwise Nawaz Sharif was not going to give his today’s statement.

He said that under NAFTA all the intelligence agencies were supposed to be coordinated which has not done as yet. He said that Madrassa reforms are not introduced and justice system has not been improved. He said that if there will be no stability in the government we will have to readdress all the problems all over again.

NISAR KHORRO OF PPPP said that PPPP believes that the democracy is the last solution of our problems and we are working to strengthen it. He said that PPPP government gave up the powers of the president so that the democracy could be strengthened. He said that the operation Zarb-e-Azb was initiated on the demand of the people and the parliament.

He said that PPPP government is fully complying with operation in Karachi. He said that CM Sindh formed a committee under a judge to investigate the allegations of rupees 240 billion corruption in the province. He said that no one came forward with any evidence of corruption so the committee presented its report to the CM.

He said that there a re problems of bad governance in the democracy some times but we need to work to better it continuously.