3 November, 2015 09:13

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He said that he does not know what happened he is not involved neither in the marriage of Imran Khan not his divorce. He said that he did not went to the marriage ceremony of Imran Khan neither he gave him any advice on his marriage with Reham Khan. He said that he went to Toronto to meet Tahir Ul Qadri and he delivered his message to Imran Khan in Bani Gala. He said that Tahir Ul Qadri told him that he and Imran Khan should move together no one can bring revolution unilaterally.

He said that PTI is clearly defeated in the local body elections and they should pay heed that why it happened. He said that if only influential and people with family can win the elections then people have to think about it.

He said that no body is greater target killer than Nawaz Sharif that shoots on his own feet. He said that he is still standing with Imran Khan and Imran with him.

He said that he still believes that the final decision will be taken on the roads. He said that he is not disappointed and he will stand alone if he has to till the last minute. He said that there were many people in PTI that were not in the favor of Dharna. He said that he still believes he is the only choice.

He said that Reham Khan wanted practically participating in the politics but Imran Khan was against it. He said that Reham Khan children were also depressed because of her active role in the politics. He said that two leaders in one party were not going to get along. He said that he saw Imran Khan very sad and dejected today.

He said that there are no young leaders in Pakistan politics today. He said that all the main leaders are above sixty. He said that politicians have not delivered for the country in Pakistan.

He said that ten people have been died because of the metro bus track and is said that it was Allah’s will. He said that Shahbaz Sharif invited him to talk a day before the inauguration of Pindi metro bus but he did not go to meet him. He said that if some one is bitten by the snake he goes to Molvi for spiritual treatment because vaccine is not available.

He said that it is tough time for Imran Khan because of his personal life, local body elections results and party situation. He said that Imran Khan is not the man that will lose the heart or break down. He said that PTI is has to work hard on grass root level. He said that Shafqat Mahmood resigned because his weaknesses in the local body elections were obvious.

He said that he can not fight with the destiny of Nawaz Sharif but he is also aware of his goofs.