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MUSHTAQ GHANI OF PTI said that Shangla, Boneer, Malakand, and Swat are the worst hit areas by the earthquake. He said that according to the reliable sources two hundred people died and fifteen hundred injured because of earthquake. He said that according to the initial survey two thousand houses have been demolished and this number can go up. He said that the district managements have access to almost all the earthquake hit areas. He said that KPK government has sent tents, blankets and spread sheets to all affected areas and fifty trucks loaded help goods have come from Punjab as well. He said that KPK needs the help of the federal government for the rehabilitation of the people affected. He said that two thousand tents and two thousand blankets have been dispatched to the affected areas yesterday. He said that he made an announcement on TV that if there is shortage of anything in any hospital people should let him know.

He said that PDMA is well equipped to deal with any kind of calamity. He said that KPK government is going to expand 1122 service to all the districts of the province.

He said that the hospital and roads were not blocked on the arrival of Imran Khan and Pervez Khattak. He said that people gather on the arrival of Imran Khan and roads are blocked because of the rush of the public PTI is against the VIP culture.

He said that efforts are being made to reach out all affected areas help has reached out to some areas today and rest will be tomorrow.

He said that in his opinion TV anchors should go to different areas and ask question live that who is the most popular leader of Pakistan. He said that if TV anchors will ask question about most popular leader live it will be the real survey of people opinion.

HANIF ABBASI OF PML-N said that PM has announced that the houses of the people in earthquake hit areas will be rebuilt no matter how much it cost. He said that forty members team of doctors and nurses of Allied Hospitals from Punjab have been dispatched to KPK. He said that Allied Hospital team has taken medicines with them to treat people.

He said that the track of metro bus is in no danger to collapse its foundation is forty five feet deep. He said that metro bus track has been built keeping in mind the danger of earthquake jolt. He said that modern equipment is needed in KPK and Kashmir to help out people for better rescue efforts.

He said that he thinks PILDAT survey results are accurate and winning streak of PML-N proves it. He said that the results of elections are the real survey that who is the most popular party in the country.

SAEED GHANI OF PPPP said that we need to take measures in construction that in case of any calamity we could be safe. He said that only few buildings in the whole of the country are shock absorber rest are not built accordingly. He said that we need to put unanimous efforts to deal with the calamities like earthquake. He said that our climate is changing and we need to work on it. He said that if snow fall or rain starts in the earthquake hit areas the things will become extremely difficult we need to do something before it.

He said that the survey organizations ask question to handful of people and does not believe in the results of the surveys. He said that the results of the elections were different from the results of the surveys before the elections. He said that elections results are the best survey but if the elections are held transparently.

ZAHID KHAN OF ANP said that hospital and roads were blocked when Imran Khan and Pervez Khattak came to see the injured in the hospital. He said that many areas are not accessible as yet the death toll can go up.