27 October, 2015 10:28

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PERVEZ KHATAK CHIEF MINISTER OF KPK said that there are one hundred twenty deaths and five hundred wounded in KPK son far and numbers are changing constantly. He said that Malakand Division and Kohistan areas are vastly damaged. He said that the roads are open in affected areas and there is no news of road blockage as yet. He said that rescue teams and ambulances have been dispatched to the affected areas and there is no shortage of the medicines. He said that KPK government is dealing with the disaster with its own resources so far if help will be required an appeal will be rendered. He said that there is no need to make an announcement for compensations for deceased and wounded there is an automatic system of support.

DR MUSADIQ MALIK OF PML-N said that KPK and Gilgit Baltistan are worst hit areas by earthquake. He said that some roads are blocked in Gilgit Baltistan due to land sliding. He said that death toll and wounded numbers can not be determined as yet because the numbers are continuously changing every minute. He said that there are five deaths reported in Punjab one in Sialkot, one in Kalar Kahar and the origins of three others are not known yet. He said that the government will leave no stone unturned to help out the effected people of the earthquake.

He said that he himself will phone the authorities to not have load shedding in the earthquake affected areas of KPK. He said that Pakistan air force and SPARKO are taking areal views of the earthquake hit areas and rescue teams are being dispatched there. He said that the official death toll so far is one hundred eighty four and majority of them took place in KPK.

WASEEM AKHTER OF MQM said that we had earthquake in the past to so we need to be prepared for calamities. He said that we have not improved our capability to coop with disaster after the earthquake in 2005. He said that MQM help teams have been dispatched to the affected areas and they have set up their camps there.

ZAHID KHAN OF ANP said that he belongs to mountain area and many people are trapped underneath the mountains rubble. He said that thirty two people are dead and one hundred eighty are wounded in lower Deer area of KPK. He said that there was snow fall in lower Deer area so tents are required to protect people from the harsh weather.

MUSARAT ZAIB OF PTI said that she will appeal to the federal government to halt load shedding in earthquake hit areas so the wounded could be treated in the hospitals. She said that it is impossible so far to reach out to earthquake hit areas of KPK as yet. She said that people are voluntarily bringing to the wounded to the hospitals in KPK. She said that there a central hospital in Saido Sharif but it is not sufficient to accommodate all the wounded.

AMIR AFAQ OF PDMA said that the death toll in KPK is one hundred forty. He said that there are twenty deaths in lower Deer and twelve in upper Deer. He said that medicines and tents are available in affected areas but need to send more help to the earthquake hit areas.