16 October, 2015 09:32

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SHEIKH WAQAS AKRAM OF PML-N said that there is no chaos in PML-N small differences is part of any political party. He said that some PML-N ministers discussed their differences on media which is not a right thing to do. He said that Khawaja Asif and Ch Nisar have violated the party discipline.

He said that instead of defaming the CM Punjab concerned ministers should resign from their ministries.

He said that if there is any important matter Khawaja Asif and Ch Nisar do talk to each other.

He said that due to the Afghanistan and regional situation foreigners meet with army chief of Pakistan.

He said that Ch Sarwar is found of the power that is why he left PML-N and Joined PTI.

SHAH MAHMOOD QURESHI OF PTI said that having difference of opinion is not a bad thing but when it cross the limit then it is a problem. He said that CM Punjab goes to China and sign energy deals there and concerned ministers are sitting here in the country. He said that the rank of CM Punjab itself is very important CM Punjab should pay attention to his duty. He said that if CM Punjab will continue to interfere in every matter it will create the misunderstandings.

He said that PTI leader of Okara Mr. Rubaira has violated the party discipline he will advise PTI chairman to take action against him. He said that Rubaira bluffed PTI that Riaz Ul Haq after winning the election will join PTI.

He said that Ch Sarwar worked hard and wonderfully well in Lahore NA-122. He said that Imran Khan, Ch Sarwar and he were unanimous that Ashraf Sohna is the appropriate candidate in Okara.

He said that the government should hand over the ministries of defense and interior to those who are fighting operation Zarb-e-Azb. He said that all foreign delegates meet with army chief of Pakistan. He said that the attitude of the ministers is weakening the civil supremacy.

He said that if had to become the member of the parliament or a minister he could have joined PML-N and get it all. He said that he joined PTI for a better Pakistan. He said that one TV channel ran the news about him without any background.

He said that he was in PTI, he is and he always will remain in the party. He said that he ahs no spat with Jahangir Tareen he has long term and cordial relationship with him.

He said that he has no contest with Ch Sarwar why he will contest with him he does not need it.

He said that he is thankful to the voters of NA-122 who overwhelmingly came out in the support of PTI.