9 October, 2015 10:56



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MIAN MAHMOOD U RASHEED OF PTI said that numbers of ministers of the PML-N government is bustling and boggling in NA-122 after the campaigning of PTI there. He said that many PML-N workers are joining PTI. He said that PML-N has not resolved any problem so far and traders are annoyed as well.

He said that if the turn out in NA-122 goes up to 40% PTI will win the election. He said that all government officers and other employees are forced by the government to work for PML-N candidate in NA-122. He said that people in Railway colonies are being threatened that if PML-N loses they will pay for it.

He said that Nadeem Malik should get dictation from PML-N ministers in the future that what question he can ask and what not. He said that PML-N ministers are using explosive and derogatory language against PTI that is shameful.

AMIR HASSAN OF PPPP said that the election commission has set a limit of rupees 1.5 million for election campaign so that common man could contest the election. He said that billions of rupees are being spent in NA-122 election commission should take notice of it. He said that he is contesting the election under the ideology of PPPP of 1970. He said that PML-N candidate is from Gulberg and PTI from defense both parties could not find anybody to contest the election from NA-122. He said that Imran Khan today stated that Zardari was better than Nawaz Sharif.

MUSADIQ MALIK OF PML-N said that lot money is needed to contest the election the limit of rupees 1.5 million is not realistic. He said that PTI arrogance is not right they were teasing someone calling him Gullu Butt. He said that PTI is claiming that they will win the election but the reality will come forward after two days.

He said that no political party can accept foreign funding PTI received just one cheque of eighty thousand dollars from abroad.

He said to Nadeem Malik the host of the show that he looks upset today and only criticizing PML-N ministers.