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He said that the election in NA-122 is very sensitive because it was the reason of Dharna. He said that he is seeing a close contest in NA-122 and Balla is winning there. He said that there is a PML-N within PTI. He said that everybody in PML-N is Sharif except for Babra Sharif she also should be included in the party to complete the trail. He said that General Raheel Sharif is a simple gentleman and he is afraid that Nawaz Sharif might dodge him someday.

He said that he has told Imran Khan that if elections are held he will be with him but selection is done then he will go away.

He said that he established sixty educational institutes in his constituency more than any other MNA and Women University was also initiated by him.

He said that the government will import LNG or not but have to pay two hundred and seventy two thousand dollars everyday to the company. He said that the rate of LNG has not decided as yet and ten ships have been imported already.

He said that there is no head of state in the world that goes n two foreign trips every month. He said that our rulers spend last ten days of Ramadan in Saudi Arabia and pay their Eid prayers in London.

He said that Imran Khan listens to him in solitude and accepts his advice as well. He said that going to judicial commission was more damaging for PTI than Dharna and he told PTI not to go to the court.

He said that PML-N and PPPP both are involved in Nandipur Project fraud. He said that from President Mamoon Hussain to Shujjat Hashmi no one is appointed on merit by Nawaz Sharif. He said that better plaster has been put on the walls of the jail than metro track.

He said that Shahbaz Sharif is the cause of most of the problems he is always in hurry and that hast is the nature of the satin.

He said that NAB does not have courage to go after Khawaja Saad Rafiq, Abid Sher Ali or Shahid Khaqan Abbasi.

He said that Sher has entered in the grocery shop and eating flour and beans there.

He said that he has information that about six hundred people are going to be arrested in corruption but nothing has been done so far. He said that the cleaning process will start in about fifteen days.

He said that as much he knows General Raheel Sharif he will not accept extension.

He said that his mike has been shut for last two years by Ayyaz Sadiq and Allah has shut his mouth now.

He said that the greatest crime of Asif Zardari is that he did nothing to investigate the case of Benazir Bhutto during his government. He said that nothing has been left in the case of Benazir Bhutto and it has been further spoiled by calling investigators from abroad.

He said that Rafaqat Hussain man arrested in Benazir murder once tried to kill him as well. He said that Rafaqat Hussain first went to Charsada to kill Benazir but she was late then he went to Peshawar but hid in the bathroom because of suspicion on him. He said that Rafaqat Husain was sure that Benazir will come out of her car he was following her. He said that he was right behind Benazir Bhutto when she was shot.

He said that the military should understand that minus one formula will not work about MQM. He said that MQM has to quit target killing, extortion and its relationship with India agency RAW.

He said that PTI wins the election in NA-122 it will effect local body election in Punjab as well.