1 October, 2015 09:10

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SHEIKH ROHAIL ASGHAR OF PML-N said that Raza Rabbani and Pervez Rasheed are respectable for him but if they will talk about NAB in the bazaar it is not going to put any affects. He said that there is the parliament if NAB is doing any thing wrong there should be the law of accountability of NAB as well. He said that we often accuse people but he never has seen them proved.

He said that instead of the investigating the doctor that gives certificate of illness the system should be revised.

He said that two ministers in KPK were expelled on the charges of the corruption and now an agreement is signed again to take them back in the government.

SHAFQAT MAHMOOD OF PTI said that our elite class is so corrupt that no other country has such example and everyone is part of it. He said that there is no second opinion that NAB could not prove the cases of corruption and judiciary is unable to punish the culprits. He said that it is not right if we keep saying that we are guilty but as long others are not punished we should be spared as well. He said that politicians have extra onus on their shoulders because they are elected with the votes of the people. He said that our rulers’ parliament and the institutions do not want to have accountability process. He said that accountability commission has been formed but as long other institutions are not active nothing is going to be changed. He said that besides Nandipur Project and LNG there are many more mega corruption scandals that need to be investigated. He said that Asghar Khan Case is pending for last twenty five or twenty six years but still is not moving forward.

He said that two people accused for corruption still facing the charges they are not removed and they are not included in the government.

GENERAL (R) HAMID KHAN CHAIRMAN NAB KPK said that the corruption is on vast scale and there is no possibility of decreasing. He said that everybody wants the accountability of others but not of himself. He said that NAB has said in KPK that even if a sitting minister will get involved in corruption he will be hold accountable.

He said that everybody that is arrested on corruption charges when he goes on judicial remand he says he has heart problem. He said that as Dr Asim comes back from the hospital there is so much evidence against him that he will go back to the jail. He said that NAB is considering having investigations against the doctor as well whether he is giving health certificate accepting money for it.

He said that it is the law of NAB that it will take three months to prepare the case three months for investigations and three for giving the decision.

He said that after the eighteenth amendment the provinces are in better position to deal with the corruption cases.

He said that the case of two ministers accused in KPK has not come to NAB as yet if it happens he will not disappoint anybody.

SALMAN BALOCH OF MQM said that the head of NAB in Sindh is going to meet CJ of high court because ninety people charged with corruption have been allotted bails by the courts. He said that chairman NAB of Sindh is going to request CJ to not to accept the bails of the accused in corruption. He said that people arresting the corrupt are those who are not suppose to do it he said that what he meant is the military. He said that MQM supports the operation of the military against the corruption.