30 September, 2015 11:08

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JAHANGIR TAREEN OF PTI said that see the difference between the claims of PML-N and their actions they were desperate to take stay orders. He said that there is a flood of popularity of PTI in Lodharan PML-N judged it and turned their tail. He said that PML-N workers are leaving the party and joining PTI that is why they escaped. He said that he will plead PML-N for Allah sake contest the election in Lodharan.

He asked that if PML-N has not run away from the contest in Lodharan then why they went to the court for stay orders today. He said that PML-N is habitual to bust the facts they filed the application in the court for stay orders. He said that if they learn that they will lose election in NA-122 they will take stay order there as well.

He said that PML-N has ruined the formers and they hate this regime. He said that the farmers ask question that what the benefit they got of metro bus system in Lahore. He said that after taking stay orders in NA-154 now PML-N will bribe people there. He said that where PML-N believes that they can win the election they contest otherwise they take stay orders.

He said that PML-N is very fortunate they always get decisions of their choice from the judiciary.

MOHAMMAD ZUBAIR OF PML-N said that the court said to the lawyer of PTI to present arguments and the verdict will be delivered before 11th of October but they said that they are not ready. He said that PML-N had thirty days to go to the court so we did it today. He said that PML-N candidates filed their nomination papers just a day before the elections in 2008 and yet they formed the government in Punjab. He said that recently PML-N has won a by election in Haripur with a big margin against PTI.

NADEEM AFZAL CHAN OF PPPP said that someone should tell him that how stay orders can be allotted without request. He said that the way PML-N has suppressed small formers and the traders it has become difficult for them to win the election.

He said that the government in Punjab belongs to PML-N, beaurocracy supporting them for last forty years and judiciary is lenient towards them it will be a miracle if PTI wins the election. He asked that if the judiciary has given the stay orders to PML-N as a gift and why only they get this gift from the judiciary all the time.

He said that if the election commission will not be fair it will be impossible to have fair elections in the country. He said that today nobody is ready to take the ticket of PML-N in the whole of the country.

He said that if the minister of the government could tell him today’s rate of the patty he will apologize to him.

He said that he will say that PML-N will win all the elections in the presence of the current election commission no other party can win the election.

He said that he will like to ask Mohammad Zubair that what him and Dr Mossadiq have to do with PML-N.