29 September, 2015 11:53







TALAL CH OF PML-N said that there are some limitations to confirm the exact number of the deceased in Saudi Arabia as long the access is not given there. He said that some Hajjis have gone on government scheme and some privately and the responsibility of the private hajjis is on their operators. He said that the pictures given to Pakistani embassy of the deceased are not clear neither have any identification number. He said that the PM has advised religious minister to remain in Saudi Arabia as long the problem is not solved.

He said that there is lack of confidence between MQM and agencies in Karachi. He said that the governor of Sindh used to play the role of coordinator between MQM and the military but they have relegated him. He said that MQM has resigned from the assemblies and now have no forum to express their views. He said that if MQM comes back in the assemblies all of their concerns fair or unfair can be discussed. He said that there are about a dozen laws that implies on the collection of cuticles and funding to the welfare organizations. He said that many NGOs collect money and use on their own in the shape of the salaries.

He said that the democracy is getting stronger and the institutions are working in the country. He said that the foreign newspaper’s report that the military has too much control on the government is actually pointing towards PTI.

He said that PTI has not been allotted permission for their 4th of October jalsa in Islamabad as yet.

INBISAT MALIK OF MQM said that Mina tragedy is very pitiful the government steps are very slow but there should be no politics on this issue. He said it has not happened in any other country that we do not even know that how many our citizens have been died in the tragedy. He said that four days have gone but more than sixty people are still unaccounted for.

He said that MQM had meeting with authorities on the issue of the cuticles collection and were assured that no rule will be broken. He said that MQM was allotted permission to collect cuticles but on the day of Eid were stopped. He said that one hundred thousand cuticles were snatched from MQM workers and two hundred thousand were spoiled. He said that the snatched cuticles of MQM were given to JI. He said that MQM workers raised slogans against DG rangers during the speech of Altaf Hussain because they were angry.

He said that the PM has not contacted directly with MQM on the issue of the resignations. He said that the PM should have sincerity on the issue of the resignations of MQM. He said that may be the PM have the sincerity but do not have the authority.

IMRAN ISMAIL OF PTI said that it has become tradition in Pakistan that as long media does not put the pressure the government does not show any reaction. He said that people have gone through pain for so many days because no information was available about their loved ones. He said that the reaction the government is showing now should have been shown on day one.

He said that MQM workers give notices to the people prior to the Eid to hand over cuticles or face the consequences. He said that under the current situation it is impossible for MQM to collect three hundred thousand cuticles. He said that the rangers have stopped many religious banned outfits of collecting cuticles besides MQM. He said that rupees eight billion cuticles are collected in Karachi in two days.

He said that military took the decision of operation Zarb-e-Azb and against the corruption of their own the PM is taking the credit for it for no reason.

HAFIZ NAEEM U REHMAN OF JI said that JI workers did not snatch the cuticles from MQM. He said that the cuticles were snatched from JI workers by the rangers and they were put in jail. He said that if the cuticles were snatched from MQM workers they should provide the evidence of it. He said that MQM workers forcefully snatch the cuticles from the people. He said that JI collected fifty thousand cuticles this year.