27 August, 2015 12:09

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NAEEM UL HAQ OF PTI said that two senior ministers of the government are threatening Justice Kazim which is very lamenting.

He said that PPPP appointed the members of the election commission and PTI is collaborating with it to remove the four members of the commission. He said that PTI is asking for the resignations of the members of election commission because they did not abide by regulations of the election.

AFZAL KHAN FORMER ADDITIONAL SECRETARY OF ELECTION COMMISSION said that by threatening Justice Kazim the PML-N government has not gained any respect instead it is making difficult for its friends to defend. He said that he believes that Rana Sana Ullah and Pervez Rasheed will apologize to Justice Kazim by making him phone call.

He said that Fakhar U Din G Ibrahim said that he could not perform his duty well so he apologized to the nation and resigned. He said that he demands to have accountability of the election commission from the military court.

He said that PML-N is the majority party in the parliament and it should take the lead to bring election reforms. He said that bio metric system should be used in the next elections.

ABID SHER ALI OF PML-N said that Justice Kazim letter is regrettable he is feeling remorseful. He said that how Justice Kazim assumed that Pervez Rasheed threatened him. He said that Imran Khan has also threatened Justice Iftikhar and Ramdey in the past. He said that no judge is supposed to give statement on TV.

He said that in his opinion the work should be done on election reforms now. He said that we can talk about the way of removing election commission in the parliament besides election reforms.

He said that PTI should not protest on the streets and criticize the judges.

SAEED GHANI OF PPPP said that the nature of the charges by NAB against the son so Saifullah Bungush was so silly that someone will hit his head in the wall. He said that PPPP pulled out the file of MCB scandal against Mian Mansha but the case is still pending for last five years.

He said that the accusations Afzal Khan is making now should have come forward when he was working in the election commission. He said that PPPP said prior to the elections that what Iftikhar Ch and election commission were doing was not right. He said that in his opinion all political parties should increase moral pressure on the election commission to resign.

He said that only fifty four percent voters were confirmed through bio metric system in Haripur and rests were not.

He said that the people helped in rigging or cost multiple votes there is evidence against them they should be severely punished.

ZULFIQAR MIRZA OF PPPP said that there are and were so many allegations of corruption on Dr Asim. He said that Dr Asim was the chairman of OGDC and he used to listening the stories of his corruption. He said that the corruption was done under the ministers of the PPPP government and it was being done for them. He said that it will be very difficult for Balawal to control the corruption because of Zardari and his aunt the sister of Zardari.