25 June, 2015 14:52

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SSP RAO ANWAAR said that people like Mohammad Anwar, Zulfiqar Haider and Waqas help MQM workers to go to India for training. He said that MQM workers are taken to India and after the training are brought back through border crossing. He said that the brother of MQM worker Javed Langra was escaped to India during the operation in 1992. He said that Javed Langra brother is a member of BJP and has become an Indian citizen. He said that according to his information sixty to seventy Indian trained MQM workers are present in Karachi at this moment. He said that MQM murdered about two hundred police officers in Karachi and he is also on their hit list.

ABID SHER ALI OF PML-N said that there is no doubt that the nature of BBC allegations against MQM is very serious. He said that MQM can go to the international court of justice against BBC documentary. He said that Indian PM himself has confessed his country’s involvement in terrorism against Pakistan. He said that MQM should keep itself at distance from the criminals. He said that MQM asked to postpone the hanging of Solat Mirza. He said that there are very nice and patriotic people in MQM but they need to keep distance from the criminal element.

ARIF ALVI OF PTI said that the BBC report is a big turmoil for MQM. He said there is a very little role of Pakistani government in the report of the BBC they consumed their own resources of evidence.

He said that in one of the meeting American councilor general where Imran Ismail was also present told us that MQM contacted them. He said that American council general told him that MQM people told him that they are the only American supporters in Pakistan. He said that American councilor general told him that MQM people told him that they can provide ten thousand armed workers to protect their council ate. He said that American councilor general told him that MQM people who came to meet with him were Dr Farooq Sattar and Nasreen Jalil. He said that American councilor general said that when he asked to MQM people that what they want in return they said money for weapons. He said that American councilor general said that he refused and showed MQM people the door.

He said that there is a company in London named Euro Property Development Altaf Hussain was its director and he resigned in 2014. He said that later Mohammad Anwar also joined Euro Property Development Company. He said that up to 31st May 2013 there were seven hundred six thousand and fifteen pounds present in the account of Euro Property Development Company. He said that there are a huge number of supporters of MQM so the issue should be handled carefully.

INBISAT MALIK OF MQM said that MQM is accused over and over again it is patriotic party. He said that the reporter that prepared the documentary against MQM is not an employee of BBC. He said that this man is a free lancer and all of his resources of the documentary against MQM are Pakistani. He said that a meeting of MQM is underway and what legal action can be taken against the report of BBC is under consideration.