24 June, 2015 12:18

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ASAD UMER OF PTI said that he thought that PPPP has connect6ion at gross root level but what is going on in Sindh leads otherwise. He said that if the Sindh government was unaware on first day now it is third at least some instructions could have given to people to protect themselves from the heat.

He said that there are two angles of MQM one political and other is criminal. He said that MQM has support in Karachi but not as much as the election results showing.

He said that as long the big fishes behind the criminals and terrorists are not quashed the operation can not be successful.

GENERAL (R) ATHER ABBAS said that every worker of PPPP looks towards the Balawal house that he will receive instructions from there and then will act. He said that PPPP should realize that because of their poor governance a space is being created and it is not good. He said that PPPP once that was a national party has circumscribed itself to the rural area of Sindh only.

He said that the federal government is responsible for the whole country it is not right that provinces have given autonomy now they should handle their matters themselves.

He said that the arrest of two people involved in Dr Imran Farooq murder has been disclosed now but they could have been in the custody of the agencies for a while. He said that because of some legal hitches the arrest of the two people is shown now. He said that after Altaf Hussain MQM will not remain the same it will weaken a bit.

He said that the military did not respond to the statement of Asif Zardari but reaction from every other side was spilled. He said that rangers are a sub agency of the military and take instructions from the army. He said that there is an out cry after the pursuant of the people behind the criminals. He said that political figures are backing criminals and terrorists in Karachi. He said if some people on the back of the criminals and terrorists are being pursued why PPPP has objection on it.

He said that it has been decided that the terrorism will be cleaned up from the country if it hurts someone interest it does not matter. He said that if PPPP had any objection it could have gone to the apex committee.

SAEED GHANI OF PPPP said that the heat in Karachi was never as severe as it is this year. He said that this thing was not in the knowledge of anybody that seven hundred people will die because of the intensive heat.

He said that some people only wish to see the terrorist angle of MQM but in fact it has a political face too. He said that it is in the best interest of his party, Karachi and the country that MQM should not be divided to keep the peace intact in Karachi.

He said that some points of Zardari speech are being exploited whereas he said good things about the military as well. He said that there is no other big joke than saying about PPPP that it is helping the terrorists.