14 May, 2015 11:02

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SHARJEEL MEMON OF PPPP said that today’s incident is doleful this attack is not on Ismaili community only but on every Pakistani. He said that soon as CM of Sindh heard about this incident he rushed back to Karachi shortening his visit to Islamabad. He said that criminals easily find a hideout in Karachi. He said that CM Sindh has appointed good officers in every department and has given them free hand to perform their duty. He said that whenever information is received about criminals police and rangers act together and separately and many miscreants have been arrested as well. He said that the job of CM is to form the policy and give free hand to police to act. He said that unfortunately when terrorists were sprouting nothing was done but now efforts are being made to eliminate them. He said that the terrorists choose soft target to hit and to prevent such incidents one hundred percent is not possible.

WASEEM AKHTER OF MQM said that if precautionary measures had taken earlier this incident could have been prevented. He said that we are having expectations from a government that has ruled three times. He said that MQM demands to remove Qaim Ali Shah and appoint a young and vibrant young person as CM of Sindh.

He said that this is no justification that the terrorists hit soft targets. He said that CM of Sindh is not solely responsible for the situation of Karachi PM also shares the onus. He said that he will appeal to the military also to pursue the criminals and do not make target of any political party.

He said that Imran Khan wanted to open the office of Taliban in Pakistan his statement is on record.

He said that there is zero tolerance about criminals in MQM if there is any he should be arrested.

SHAFQAT MAHMOOD OF PTI said that there is no limits for ability some people are unable to do any thing even at young age. He said that maintaining law and order is a collective responsibility of every citizen of this country. He said that the rangers are temporary solution of Karachi situation we need to train the police there properly. He said that police does not have free hand in Karachi every three months IG police is transferred. He said that there should be zero tolerance about miscreants even if they belong to some political party. He said that MQM is also involved in wrecking the peace of Karachi.

He said that MQM supports to eliminate all kind of terrorism from the country.