24 April, 2015 11:26







ASAD UMER OF PTI said that NA-246 is stronghold of MQM and he thinks that they will become the winner. He said that the margin of victory of MQM will be lesser and that is the success of PTI.

SAHI SYED OF ANP said that PPPP Sindh government remained neutral in the by election and it is a good gesture. He said that the rangers played their role in NA-246 very well and conducted a transparent election there. He said that the politicians should also play their role for transparent elections. He said that the MNA’s and senators in our country take the local body system in their hands after winning whereas they are suppose to do legislation. He said that the good thing is this that the supporters of all three parties came out to support their candidates in big numbers.

He said that in his opinion JI will get 10% PTI 20% and MQM 70% of the votes.

SARWAR BARI OF FAFIN said that he visited many poling stations himself and did not witness any irregularities. He said that the election was well held in the presence of the rangers. He said that the election in NA-246 was free and fair and the poling staff was neutral. He said that nine hundred thousand rangers will be required to hold general elections and that is impossible. He said that in his opinion the voter’s turn out in NA-246 will be from thirty to thirty two percent. He said that he thinks that the margin of MQM victory will be about twenty thousand against combined number of votes of JI and PTI.

He said that Waseem Akhter is right there were many people standing in the queue not allowed to vote at poling stations. He said that CCTV cameras were not properly installed and the poling staff was not well trained.

WASEEM AKHTER OF MQM said that Altaf Hussain has appealed to the workers through a TV channel to remain peaceful hopefully the problem will be settled. He said that when the election time was over many people were standing in the queue but were not allowed to vote. He said that the people in the queue when the time is over are supposed to be allowed to vote it is the law. He said that section 144 and pillion ride sanctions are not supposed to be imposed were elections are being held. He said that CM of Sindh has stated that he did not disallow pillion ride and this matter is not in his knowledge.