16 April, 2015 20:32

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WASEEM AKHTER OF MQM said that eversince MQM came into being people are giving the funds to the party. He said that MQM workers whoever can afford donates one percent of his salary. He said that besides Pakistan the business community from whole of the world donates money to the party fund. He said that not only MQM but people donate money to PPPP, ANP and other political parties as well.

He said that Taliban collect extortion from Sohrab Ghot, Kati Pahari and the industrial areas of Karachi.

He said that 585 MQM workers have been killed in two years who we should ask the question about them. He said that 35 MQM workers have been murdered in extra judicial killing and many are missing.

He said that bio metric system is not perfect recently it did not read the thumb impression of the speaker of the assembly.

He said that if the rangers have to stop the rigging in the elections then election commission should be handover to them.

NABEEL GABOL FORMER MNA OF MQM said that it is correct that Layari Gang used to collect twenty to twenty billion rupees as extortion from the people in Karachi. He said that because of the army and rangers the extortion problem has been eliminated in the Karachi.

He said that the operation against Taliban in Karachi is also underway but it is not visible.

SHARJEEL MEMON OF PPPP said that the criminals arrested in Karachi are mostly belong to Taliban then Peoples Aman Committee and thirdly to MQM. He said that extortion in Karachi has been dropped to seventy to eighty percent due to the operation in the city.

He said that PPPP is not a hurdle in the return of Uzair Baloch.

He said that the legal process is underway. He said that soon as the legal process will be completed Uzair Baloch will be brought back.

He said that if the weapons confiscated from 90 belong to the MPA’s of MQM then it should have been in their possession and not at some place else.

He said that any way that could assure transparent process of the election should be adopted. He said that he supports bio metric system, CCTV cameras and presence of the media inside the poling station to ensure transparent voting.

ARIF ALVI OF PTI said that Sharjeel Memon is right to say that the crime rate has been decreased in Karachi because of the operation.

He said that PTI supports that if there is any irregularity during the election the rangers should stop it.

He said that the votes are stamped by putting the gun on the head of the presiding officer at poling stations.

He said that it will be better if JI withdraw its candidate of NA-246. He said that the story in Karachi has been changed even if JI does not withdraw its candidate PTI will win the election.