8 April, 2015 14:46

Nadeem Malik Live - 7th April 2015http://www.zemtv.com/2015/04/07/nadeem-malik-live-kya-pakistan-ko-yemen-may-foj-bhejni-chahiye-31st-march-2015/






SHIREEN MAZARI OF PTI said that PM statement that he can not tell anymore than on Yemen issue what Khawaja Asif has is a wrong statement. She said that if debate on Yemen can not go on then why the session of the parliament was called. She said that the attitude of the government raise the question if the government has already deployed the forces to Saudi Arabia.

She said that Khawaja Asif stated that Saudi Arabia is acting under the article 51 of the UNO. She said that the article 51 of UNO gives the right to defend whereas Saudi Arabia is on offensive.

She said that MQM harm the situation in NA-246 they attacked on our camp. She said that the credit goes to PTI that because of it the people have come out against MQM. She said that MQM is intimidating people and is caught into a psychological trauma. She said that PTI sees a fair chance of winning the election in NA-246. She said that PTI fears violence from MQM in NA-246. She said that if all the MQM workers had thought like Haider Abbas Rizvi their camp was not going to be attacked.

She said that PTI had no deal with MQM they offered us to help elect Imran Khan as the leader of the opposition but we denied it.

She said that political leaders talk to each other but PTI can never have any coalition with MQM. She said that MQM is responsible for the murder of Zahra Shahid and it has been proved as well.

She said that if MQM believes that it can win the election with a huge margin then why it is getting involved in violence. She said that if it was local community that attacked PTI workers then why MQM went to police station to bail them out.

SAEED GHANI OF PPPP said that he is surprised by the statement of the PM that he can not tell anymore than Khawaja Asif on Yemen situation. He said that if there is something can not be told infront of everybody an in camera session can be called. He said that the government did not call the current session of the parliament it was called on the demand of the opposition.

He said that he believes that there will be close competition in NA-246 but MQM will win the election. He said that the situation in NA-246 is going towards havoc and both the party leaders should make efforts to improve it. He said that Imran Khan is a great leader but it is not necessary that his visit to Karachi will help PTI winning the election.

HAIDER ABBAS RIZVI OF MQM said that the leniency of the people in NA-246 is towards MQM and will win the election with a big margin. He said that MQM has won the election nine times from NA-246. He said that Imran Khan has right to go to anywhere in Pakistan and if he comes to Karachi it is not going to bother MQM.

He said that during Dharna PTI asked MQM to help several times but we were not ready for it. He said that Shah Mahmood Qureshi of PTI called Altaf Hussain many times and it is on record. He said that MQM has won the election from NA-246 there is no competition with PTI.

He said that Imran Ismail played cricket with children in Jinnah Ground it was only after PTI workers torn apart the posters of Altaf Hussain and local community became angry on it. He said that local people were arrested under the anti terrorism law that is why MQM went to police station to bail the out.