2 April, 2015 11:24

Nadeem Malik Live - 1st April 2015http://www.zemtv.com/2015/04/01/nadeem-malik-live-money-laundering-case-muhammad-anwar-arrested-1st-april-2015/






SHOKAT DAR REPORTER SAMAA said that the search of MQM leader Mohammad Anwar is going on for last eight to nine hours. He said that Scotland Yard searched the cars out side Mohammad Anwar house for three four hours before searching his house.

ARIF ALVI OF PTI said that the arrest of Mohammad Anwar has nothing to do with by election in Karachi. He said that not hundreds but millions of stories are told about the crimes of MQM.

He said that MQM always talks about the conspiracies but never could reveal anyone so far. He said that MQM is under the pressure generated generated of its own and nobody is conspiring against it. He said that MQM is accused for extortion besides the murders of Hakeem Saeed, Wali Babar and Zahra Shahid.

He said that he believes that British government was trying to cover up MQM crimes for reasons. He said that Altaf Hussain instigated his workers and said that why Imran Khan is alive till now.

He said that Javed Hashmi did not accuse PTI for extortion, murder or China cutting like MQM.

He said that the latest matter of MOU is appropriate and PTI is agreed on it. He said that as long MOU is not signed nothing can be said. He said that MOU can be signed by 10 O’clock tonight.

He said that party will decide whether PTI will go back to the assemblies after the formation of the judicial commission or not.

MUSTAFA AZIZABADI OF MQM said that the movement of MQM started from a university and is a victim of conspiracies eversince. He said that the establishment has never recognized MQM from their hearts.

He said that MQM was accused for the murder of Hakeem Saeed but its workers were freed from apex court and the SC.

He said that Javed Hashmi accused PTI during Dharna for many things.

He said that the investigation of money laundering case is on for long time and today’s raid of British police is part of it.

He said that MQM lawyers have presented its point of view to the concerned departments on the money found from the house of Altaf Hussain.

SHARJEEL MEMON OF PPPP said that as long he will not get any confirmed information he will not comment on money laundering case.

He said that he will request to PTI and MQM that do not make by election in Karachi a “Do and Die” situation for them. He said that a good thing has happened today that it has been decided that MQM and PTI leaders will remain in touch with each other during the election campaign.

He said that it will be decided in few days that the military will be deployed to the poling stations or not in NA-246 Karachi.

He said that Karachi operation is going on impartially and crime rate has been dropped considerably. He said that after the start of Karachi operation the target killing has been dropped from seventeen or eighteen to one on the daily basis.

He said that PTI will be welcomed if comes back to the assemblies and we want them to play their democratic role in the system.