10 March, 2015 11:08

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CH PERVEZ ILAHI OF PML-Q said that the consultation for the chairman of senate is going on Pervez Rasheed and Saad Rafiq of PML-N came top meet him today. He said that PML-N contacted his party of their own for their political interest. He said that it will be better if the chairman of senate is elected with consensus.

MAKHDOOM AMIN FAHEEM OF PPPP said that the role of the small parties is vital in the election of the chairman of senate. He said that a person nominated by his party should be elected as the chairman of the senate regardless of which province he belongs to.

He said that it is unfortunate but true that the military is still very much dictating its terms to the government.

HAMID KHAN OF PTI said that PTI is still undecided whether it will take part in the election of the chairman of senate or not. He said that he believes that the chairman of senate should be from other province instead of Punjab. He said that the president is from Sindh and PM and Speaker is from Punjab so now the chairman of senate should not be from Punjab also. He said that if chairman of senate is elected from Balochistan or KPK it will be a good gesture.

He said that PTI senators are elected with the votes of it own party members PML-N did not vote for its candidates.

He said that in his opinion there should be no role of the military in the politics. He said that the interference of the military in the politics will be unfortunate for the country. He said that the politicians have to rectify their matters themselves and take the country to right direction.

He said that Shaheen Sahbai is correct up to some extent the military participated in the APC and gave its final verdict.

FAISAL SABZWARI OF MQM said that Mian brothers contacted with MQM after a long period of time. He said that he does not know that what was discussed between Shahbaz Sharif and Altaf Hussain on the telephone.

He said that MQM is the third largest party i9n the senate and its desire to become vice chairman of the senate will not be illogical.

He said that it is true that the military dictates its terms through the apex committee. He said that the governance is the job of the politicians but if they will not do their duty properly someone else will fill the gap. He said that the people elected with votes of the masses should perform their due duties otherwise they will look towards other avenues.

SHAHEEN SAHBAI JOURNALIST said that the chairman of the senate should be person that could give the senate its due respectful rank. He said that any loyalist or fawning person of the top leadership is allotted the ticket of the senate. He said that what the services are of Dr Somroo and Rehman Malik that they are nominated for senate by their party. He said that the military is dictating its terms to the government through the apex committee. He said that if the military is dictating the terms of its interest to the government they should also advise them to better their governance.

He said that the question is not that the military can take over or not but it already has taken over.