6 January, 2015 13:51

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SHAH MAHMOOD QURESHI OF PTI said that PTI has supported the formation of military courts in the APC. He said that PTI is against the armed militias and the issue of armed outfits was included in the agenda of APC on the suggestion of Imran Khan. He said that it has been decided to resolve the issue of registration of the Madrassas with the consultation of Wifaq-Ul-Madaras.

He said that Molvi Fazal Ullah never called Imran Khan and he is shocked to hear this news. He said that nobody mentioned in the APC that Molvi Fazal Ullah called to Imran Khan. He said that the military courts are essential in the special circumstances but the civil judicial system needs to be reformed as well. He said that we need to train our police to fight against terrorism.

He said that PTI is not sitting out side the parliament on will the government has not resolved the issue of judicial commission as yet.

He said that majority of the Madrassas is doing educational work we need to get their support against terrorism. He said that the government should move forward to tackle the terrorism PTI will submit its support on this issue.

FAROOQ SATTAR OF MQM said that MQM is the first party that offered the manifestation to fight terrorism and supported the registration of the Madrassas. He said that to support the military courts was the most difficult task for all political parties. He said that the military courts are needed because we have not strengthened our civil judicial system in the country.

SHEIKH WAQAS AKRAM OF PML-N said that it is the policy of PML-N to regulate Madrassas that are involved in terrorism, extremism and sectarianism. He said that PM is very serious on Madrassas reform and he said that if not now then when?

He said that the gerents of the Madrassas regularly visit Saudi Arabia, Iran and South Africa. He said that there are thousands of Madrassas in Swat but its youth goes to other cities Madrassas. He said that we need to look at that whom they have relations in those cities. He said that English, computer and social studies are also taught in the Madrassas the terrorists are harboring from.

He said that there is huge gap between the society and the political leadership we need to enwrap the people closer.

CH SHUJJAT HUSSAIN OF PML-Q said that military courts re taken in wrong sense they are not going to replace the civil courts. He said that he supports Madrassas reforms and he took many steps in that regard.

He said that PTI should go to the parliament in protest cast their vote in the favor of the bill and leave again.