19 December, 2014 11:40

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ASAD UMER OF PTI said that PTI has never tried to do politics on the issue of terrorism. He said that two days after the elections Imran Khan told Nawaz Sharif in a meeting to work against terrorism. He said that long ago Ch Nisar presented a policy against terrorism in the parliament but was never implemented. He said that hate literature and disdainful speeches from the mosques are needed to be banned. He said that religious political parties have very limited influence on Pakistani people main stream parties have to be united on one point of view. He said that foreign countries are involved in terrorism in Pakistan but we could not present our case infront of the world. He said that the police has been politicized and destroyed. He said that now it is time that do not makes just statements but to implement the laws.

WASEEM AKHTER OF MQM said that the committee formed by the government will do nothing many committees have been constituted in the past. He said that the current government is incompetent so General Raheel Sharif should go ahead and take action against the terrorists. He said that had the children of the politician’s dies no committee was going to be formed and direct action was going to be taken. He said that our leaders are coward because they are corrupt. He said that police personals are being arrested in Karachi in the crimes of looting and kidnapping for ransom. He said that the religious political parties remained engaged in the debate of good and bad Taliban and kept the military confused.

He said that the rulers are not serious if anything happens they will run away from here. He said that Nawaz Sharif was laughing in the meeting yesterday how the PM of the country can laugh that has lost 150 of their children. He said that PML-N has close ties with terrorists and won the elections with their support.

ANOSHA REHMAN OF PML-N said that all political parties are united against terrorism today. He said that today the terrorists are standing on one side of the line and the nation on the other.