26 November, 2014 12:08

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JAHANGIR TAREEN OF PTI said that he is doing business since 1977 he got barren land and worked hard to fertile it. He said that he later separated his share from his family business worked hard and flourished it. He said that he has four sugar mills he does not owe any money to anybody and makes payments to the formers regularly. He said that he set his last sugar mill during Zardari government. He said that his family and he pay five billion rupees in taxes every year and half of it is being paid by him only.

He said that he has no loan on his name and he ever right off any loan.

He said that Nawaz Sharif takes his salary from Chaudhry sugar mill whereas Shahbaz and Hamza Shahbaz take their salaries from Ramzan sugar mill. He said that Nawaz and Shahbaz Sharif should tell that how they can take salary from sugar mills being in the government.

He said that Ch Pervez Ilahi and he will send a notice to Zubair Umer that how being a government servant he can put allegations on them. He said that plan belongs to his company and he can provide it for traveling to Imran Khan any time he likes. He said that Nawaz Sharif traveled to Siachin in Punjab government plan and at the time he had no official position.

He said that COAS openly told him that PM asked him for mediation and he is ready for it. He said that COAS told him to ignore the demand of the resignation of PM for the time being. He said that COAS said that let the judicial commission report come if it goes against the PM he will resign. He said that he told COAS that his offer is not enough the PM or interior minister should make the public announcement of their offer. He said that after an hour government made the statement that they asked the COAS for mediation.

He said that COAS promised that a judicial commission for transparent investigation will be formed. He said that Ishaq Dar promised that transparent investigations will be conducted and ISI and MI help will be seeking for the purpose. He said that he has Ishaq Dar document at home in which he agreed it all.

PERVEZ ILAHI OF PML-Q said that Nawaz Sharif has opened loan cases against him because he himself did not pay the loan of Itifaq Foundry. He said that he paid the loan in time but UBL did not make the in time payments to the banking consortium. He said that he does not own any sugar mill he had two of them but he sold them out. He said that he pays one million rupees as taxes every year.

He said that Zubair Umer is a government employee he cannot represent PML-N or send him notice. He said that Nawaz Sharif and his brother are accused in 302 in Model Town tragedy.