9 October, 2014 11:28

Tahir-ul-Qadri in Nadeem Malik Live - 8th October 2014http://www.awaztoday.tv/News-Talk-Shows/67857/Tahir-ul-Qadri-in-Nadeem-Malik-Live-8th-October-2014.aspx







He said that his party will get rid of the current system and cleaned it up by taking part in the elections. He said that he never said that he does not recognize the institutions he took part in the election in the past and also won it.

He said that his workers went through all kind of hardships and hit by the bullets during the sit in but did not leave him. He said that it 58th day that his workers are sitting in the Dharna.

He said that his people did not attack on PTV it was the well thought plan of the government itself. He said that many illegal appointments were made in PTV during the protest infront of the parliament. He said that his workers are simple people they do not know that how to turn off the transmission of PTV it is done by government own people. He said that the ministers of the government should be charged for attacking the PTV.

He said that PAT never had any plan to attack on the parliament. He said that his statement to say that congratulations PTV has been occupied was a mistake. He said that his 75000 workers were infront of the parliament in the Dharna if he had any intentions to attack on the parliament he could have done it easily.

He said that London plan is a lie people talk about conspiracy in Pakistan if they have nothing else to say. He said that Ch brothers were supposed to come to Canada to meet him but he was going to London for his organizational tour so he told them to meet there. He said that it is coincident that Imran Khan was also in London to visit his children but he was not aware of it. He said that by chance he met with Imran Khan at a cup of tea at his friend’s house and had some talks on the country’s politics. He said that he stated more than one year ago that he will hold a revolution march.

He said that he never met with General Pasha or Zaheer Ul Islam he never even was not even familiar with their faces. He said that General Zaheer Ul Islam was retired one month ago if his Dharna would have been patronized by some one it would have been over by now.

He said that the message of his Dharna has reached every household and “Go Nawaz Go” has become a common slogan from Karachi to Peshawar. He said that his 12th of October public meeting at Faisalabad is a campaign to spread Dharna to every city of Pakistan. He said that his public meeting at Faisalabad will be the largest in the history of the city. He said that on 19th of October he will have a public meeting at Lahore.

He said that if a neutral JIT is formed it will fulfill one of their major demands. He said that he wants the investigations done by the JIT in a neutral province. He said that the day JIT is formed according to his demands which are all according to the law he will tell his point of view about ending the Dharna.

He said that when elections take place he will contest and win. He said that his doors are open he will think about coalition with other parties when the time comes.

He said that there was no outcome of the session of the parliament every political leader first criticized Nawaz Sharif and then said that he offers his support to the democracy.

He said that his message to his workers is to fight but with the power of peace and parliament.