12 August, 2014 14:42

Shahbaz Sharif in Nadeem Malik Live - 11th August 2014http://www.awaztoday.tv/News-Talk-Shows/63162/Shahbaz-Sharif-in-Nadeem-Malik-Live-11th-August-2014.aspx







He said that it is the right of common people to provide good buses elite class is having their own airplanes. He said that he has started Danish schools to promote literacy rate and to pacify extremism in the province. He said that operation against the terrorists is on this not the right time for long march.

He said that he does not like to take the name of TUQ he lies with Quran in his hand. He said that the revolution of TUQ will take the country towards a huge anarchy.

He questioned that why he should resign because of the deaths due to dengue or a collapse of a building at mall road? He said that he is not responsible for the killing of the people in Lahore tragedy. He said that he ordered to exclude the name of TUQ son from the FIR of Lahore tragedy. He said that nobody ever resigned in Pakistan after any tragedy in the country. He said that if it is established in the inquiry that he ordered the killing of the people in Lahore tragedy he will resign. He said that to instigate people to enter in the houses of the people and pick them up as Qasas is not the way to revolution.

He said that today then people are getting to their destinations just in twenty rupees dues to the metro bus system.

He said that had the government not put the containers on the roads God knows how far the followers of TUQ would have gone in violence.

He said that we have invited Imran Khan many times to have talks. He said that few months ago Nawaz Sharif went to Imran Khan’s house along with Ch Nisar to meet him there. He said that Nawaz Sharif has offered Imran Khan to open ten constituencies from each side.

He said that long march does not pose any threat to PML-N government but to the country. He said that if country is in danger nothing will remain intact everything will be destroyed.

He said that Ch brothers took billion of rupees loans from banks and later on rights them off. He said that he will resign if it is proven that Sharif family has right off the capital or the interest of their loans taken from the banks.

He said that PML-N government has started billions of rupees electricity projects in collaboration with China. He said that the people do not want to see a prosperous Pakistan want to overthrow their government.

He said that his government has started the operation against the terrorists to safeguard the country.

He said that if the court orders to let Musharaf go abroad Nawaz Sharif will consider the court’s decision.