1 August, 2014 15:07

Imran Khan in Nadeem Malik Live - 31st July 2014http://www.awaztoday.tv/News-Talk-Shows/62404/Imran-Khan-in-Nadeem-Malik-Live-31st-July-2014.aspx







He said that he is not one of those that have spat with the government for personal gain and later on come around. He said that he said on day one that he accepted the elections but not the rigging and he is firm on it. He said that the allegation of rigging was labeled in Afghanistan and now eight million votes are being recounted. He said that PML-N government is not willing for recounting because it will expose the rigging. He said that he is going to hold a press conference in which he will reveal all the details that whoever was involved in the rigging. He said that if there is any objection on constituencies won by PTI he is ready for recounting there.

He said that he has complaints about Ch Iftikhar and not about SC the current CJ is an upright man. He said that on what basis Ch Iftikhar said that RO’s did a good job during the elections. He said that PML-N candidates have taken stay orders for up to nine months if no rigging was done then why they have taken the stay orders.

He said that Ch Iftikhar has filed a case against him and now it will be revealed that what his son and he have done. He said that he has so much evidence against Ch Iftikhar son that he will bring forward.

He said that there will be an Azadi march on 14th of August and he will not leave until his demands are met. He said that PTI is an ideological party and his workers will not go away and he himself will sleep there in D Chowk.

He said that Sharif family is a like a royal family the worth of one of the company of his son in England is about 1.9 billion pounds. He said that Sharif family treats government employees like their personal servants.

He said that the military belongs to the people of Pakistan and it will never open the fire on women and children in the march of PTI. He said that if the military opens the fire he will be the first person to be hit on his chest. He said that the government should name just one good step they have taken for the country except the ads in the newspapers. He said that what PML-N did so special that doubled the people voted for it as compare to last elections.

He said that he will prove the rigging in the elections and will demand reelections. He said that the true democracy has not come to Pakistan as yet.

He said that the demand to check four constituencies has been over now the decision will be made in Islamabad.

He said that the Saudi’s and Americans should stay away from the internal affairs of Pakistan.

He said that the agenda of Qadri is different than PTI and we want to find a way out with in the limits of constitution.

He said that PTI will not leave on 14th of August until their demands are accepted and will explain that why they want reelections in the country.