15 July, 2014 14:54

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He said that he is telling over and over that he was not informed by the federal government about operation Zarb-e-Azb and KPK government was not ready for IDP’s. He said that PTI was not in the favor of the operation against Taliban instead wanted to resolve the problem through dialogues. He said that KPK government was not aware that the operation against Taliban is going to be launched. He said that gradually the facilities being provided to the IDP’s are improving. He said that the numerous numbers of IDP’s we are having in KPK could have created the problem for the American government. He said that the military is handling the IDP’s they are doing their registration and verifying them from NADRA.

He said that besides from Wazirastan IDP’s from other tribal agencies are also present in KPK and there total numbers are about 25, 00,000. He said that KPK government is doing its best to protect its people but it is difficult to monitor 1200 miles long border with Afghanistan.

He said that he is still upset about DI Khan jail break because the police was sent there on time but they did not fire a single bullet against Taliban. He said that the investigations have been done and some police personals have been suspended and some have been terminated as well.

He said that he has told the business community of KPK that if anybody demands extortion from them they should let the government know the action will be taken. He said that the police in KPK have been depoliticized and the government does not interfere in their affairs.

He said that PTI has to create awareness on 14th of August that the rigging was done in the last elections. He said that PTI leadership will decide about what will be the ultimate goal of long march on 14th of August. He said that PTI is not in the favor of dissolving the assemblies but if other political parties support and the government does not response to our demands it also could be an option.

He said that the polio virus is being spread from FATA and it is under the federal government and is responsible to control it. He said that KPK government run an campaign under the slogan of “Sehat Ka Insaf” and has controlled the virus up to great extent.

He said that KPK government is not going to start metro bus system it is planning to utilize the old railway track for public transportation.

He said that unlike Danish schools in Punjab KPK government is providing the facilities to all government schools and one education system for all has been introduced as well. He said that the drop out from school in KPK up to metric level is about 87 percent because poor people are not sure to get equal opportunities like rich class.

He said that it is an absolute lie that the PTI ministers tried to sell out the tenders in the province the investigations held and found no reality. He said that it is the right of the CM to change any minister or his portfolio and no one has been changed because of the corruption so far. He said that 90 percent of the assembly members of PTI are new people they have no experience of governance.

He said that KPK government will also participate in the long march but will not use government vehicles.

He said that the government is adopting the expensive ways to produce electricity but is not interested in cheap hydro power electricity in KPK. He said that who will pay off the loans the government is taking to produce expensive electricity in the country.