10 July, 2014 15:10

Tahir-ul-Qadri in Nadeem Malik Live - 9th July 2014http://www.awaztoday.tv/News-Talk-Shows/61057/Tahir-ul-Qadri-in-Nadeem-Malik-Live-9th-July-2014.aspx






ALLAMA TAHIRULQADRI OF PAT said that the revolution in Pakistan will not take months but weeks to come. He said that according to the constitution it is the people of Pakistan empowered to their destiny and not the members of the parliament. He said that just because people cannot resolve their problems of their own they elect some people for the parliament to fix their problems. He said that the honor of the people is at stake, inflation is at high and the people are jobless in the presence of the government because they are not dong their duty.

He said that he recognizes the constitution of Pakistan but its full version not the half one. He said that our rulers are not providing basic necessities to the people so they have no right to be in the power.

He said that the free elections take lace in India they do not have any Nawaz Sharif to influence the election commission.

He said that in Pakistan the government directly fired on the innocent people and killed and after 18 days of the incident the FIR has not been registered.

He said that in the Lahore tragedy the murderers are acting as the plaintiff.

He said that after the few weeks of the revolution the FIR will be registered and the justice will be served.

He said that Imran Khan is contesting for the rigging of the four constituencies whereas PAT wants to dig for the rigging of the last 65 years. He said that PAT can go along with Imran Khan if PTI agenda is concordant with our ideology.

He said that accountability will begin right after the revolution and nobody will be spared. He said that one month after the revolution people will start getting their rights. He said that people will decide if Tahir Ul Qadri should become the main leader of the revolutionary government. He said that every body will get his share in power after the revolution according to his efforts and ability to lead the people.