20 June, 2014 12:43

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HAIDER ABBAS RIZVI OF MQM said that some political parties are openly supporting operation Zarb-e-Azb whereas some are not so clear. He said that some political parties are showing their apprehensions on operation Zarb-e-Azb but at the same time supporting it too. He said that our intelligence agencies have enough information about terrorists they are gathering it for long time. He said that there should be no fear to use the military against the terrorists they are often deployed in flooding and earthquake hit areas. He said that we are the party that demanded to call the military to maintain law and order in Karachi so we will not support its presence against terrorists?

He said that we as a nation have to decide that we will not let our land used against any other country for terrorism. He said that all political parties have to play their role to eradicate the religious craziness and it will take from ten to twenty years.

MOEEN HAIDER FORMER INTERIOR MINISTER said that the security institutions not only should protect Karachi city from terrorists but also they should squash them when have the opportunity. He said that the civil government has to decide that they need the military in Karachi city against the terrorists or not.

He said that foreign threat has been taken in to account at the borders while deploying the troops to N-Wazirastan. He said that our military is quite capable to deal with the terrorists in the urban areas of Pakistan and they will not face any difficulty.

He said that some students of some Madrassa’s were trained by the CIA to fight against Russia during Afghan war. He said that after the withdrawal of Soviet Union from Afghanistan the armed groups were diverted towards Kashmir. He said that except for one or two Jihadi groups no one ever tried to harm Pakistan.

He said that Molvi Fazal Ullah was patronized by the people of Swat who later reigned himself there. He said that the military once tried to take action against Molvi Fazal Ullah but JI and JUI-F governments in KPK and Balochistan did not let so.

He said that Pakistan needs to change its education system and madrassa’s and the Ulema have to change their attitude.

He said that our mistakes are there but American policies in the Middle East are affecting the peace of the world.