18 June, 2014 14:25

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QAZI FAIZ OF PAT said that at 1.30 after midnight police came and said that they want to remove barriers in front of Tahir Ul Qadri home. He said that PAT armless workers resisted the move and were fired directly by the police. He said that CM Punjab gave verbal orders to police to fire and should also tell that what the motive was to have meeting with the police two days ago? He said that PAT workers did not have weapons and they never have fired a bullet. He said that police itself put the barriers in front of Tahir Ul Qadri home because of the terrorism threats. He said that the government should explain that why the police came to remove barriers in front of Tahir Ul Qadri home at 1.30 after midnight.

He said that Tahir Ul Qadri will come to Pakistan on 23 of June at Islamabad airport and will be brought to Lahore through GT Road in a procession.

He said that we respect the constitution, believe in the democracy but at this time we do not have democracy in the country but have monarchy of one family.

SHAHID KHAQAN ABBASI OF PML-N said that the police acts according to the situation CM Punjab did not order to fire. He said that according to his information two Kalashnikov have been procured the bullets were fired from at the police. He said that Achakzai said that Tahir Ul Qadri should be deported from the airport because he is not a Pakistani citizen but the government will not do so.

NABEEL GABOL OF MQM said that look at the daring Punjab police that kept firing on armless people. He said that the name of the man smashing the windows of the cars is Guloo Butt and is PML-N worker. He said that Guloo Butt stole cold drinks from a shop and offered them to the police personals at the spot.

He said that C of Punjab should resign and PML-N people are the enemies of their own.

NISAR KHORRO OF PPPP said that it seems like PML-N is still living in Zia era when people used to be slashed. He said that CM Punjab should resign first and then have judicial inquiry. He said that killing of political workers because of the political activities is unpardonable crime.

He said that Moeen Qureshi was not the citizen of Pakistan but was appointed the PM of the country. He said that if Tahir Ul Qadri wants to change the system he has to contest elections and come to the parliament.

AHMED WALEED OF SAMAA TV said that Guloo Butt is a PML-N worker and smashed the windows of the cars on the orders of the DCO and CCPO Lahore.