12 June, 2014 12:02

Nadeem Malik Live - 11th June 2014
Sardar Nabil Ahmad Khan Gabol






IRFAN SIDDIQI OF PML-N said that the PM letter to the speaker for election reforms is not a new development it is been under consideration for quite sometime in the past as well. He said that PM letter is very comprehensive it suggests using all means for fair elections. He said that the committee for elections reforms is going to be consisting of all political parties and PML-N will not head it either. He said that Tahir Ul Qadri has no representation in the parliament and his agenda is unknown.

He said that the negotiations committee has not been disjointed and dialogues with Taliban have made some progress. He said that the repeated incidents of terrorism have jolted the efforts for peace with Taliban.

NABEEL GABOL OF MQM said that MQM will welcome Tahir Ul Qadri his agenda is same as MQM. He said that rigging blames are being laid by all political parties and this matter should be clarified. He said that next few months are very tough for PML-N government. He said that MQM supports the confirmations of the thumb impressions in one of the constituency thirty thousands fake votes of PML-N have been found. He said that MQM and PTI are the only two parties playing the role of real opposition in the parliament.

He said that MQM suggests taking action against all the groups of Taliban. He said that the government is responsible for the people became the victim of terrorism during the dialogues with Taliban.

ASAD UMER OF PTI said that PTI is trying to make PML-N believe that it does not want to derail the system. He said that PTI has not the backing of the establishment and never will be it believes in the democracy. He said that authorized election commission is the main point of PTI suggestions for election reforms. He said that PML-N is afraid of Imran Khan.

He said that PTI is asking from the beginning that some groups of Taliban are ready for dialogues and some are not all are not alike. He said that any group of Taliban carrying weapons should be dealt severely. He said that which groups of Taliban are ready for peace and which are not should be very clear by now. He said that in the action against Taliban it is not the hoses being destroyed but innocent people are dying as well.