23 May, 2014 11:21

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PHILIP BARTON BRITISH HIGH COMMISSIONER IN PAKISTAN said that Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif had useful meetings with British government during his recent visit there. He said that both countries are agreed to take the bilateral trade volume up to 3 billion pounds up to 2015. He said that Britain will also cooperate with Pakistan in the fields of education and culture. He said that Britain will provide training to the Pakistani people in the field of education. He said that Britain will also help to boost the performance of FBR. He said that Pakistan needs to improve its human rights record in order to increase its trade with European countries. He said that Britain remains in contact with Pakistan on human rights issues and also points out the problems in this regard.

He said that all efforts are made to hand over the security responsibilities to the local forces. He said that Britain and NATO forces are providing the training to the local troops to take over the security charge of Afghanistan.

He said that we are very happy about the efforts being made by Nawaz Sharif to improve its relationship with Afghanistan. He said that Nawaz Sharif policy that he will not let Pakistan land be used against any of the neighboring countries is very encouraging. He said that it is the people of Pakistan that are affected by terrorism the most in last few years.

He said that he has no information about the dialogues between Pakistan government and Taliban so he is not in the position to pass any comments.

He said that the way people of Afghanistan participated in the elections there it shows their confidence in the voting process.

He said that Britain has good relationship with both Pakistan and India and both countries have to resolve their problems themselves. He said that Nawaz Sharif looks very determined to improve its relationship with India.

He said that David Cameron has invited Naredera Modi to visit England because he is now the elected PM of India. He said that first time in last thirty years a single party has taken majority in Indian elections.

He said that British police is investigating about Altaf Hussain and he is not in the position to comment on it.

He said that British government is cooperating with KPK and Punjab governments and also to fight against polio disease. He said that Britain is helping in education department in KPK and building of new schools as well.

He said that his grandfather was in the military and served at Quetta and Karachi. He said that his mother used to live in Pakistan in the early days and she can speak little bit of Urdu.

HAIDER ABBAS RIZVI OF MQM said that Altaf Hussain accounts have been certainly frozen. He said that there is no case registered against Altaf Hussain and I do not know how he will pay his bills after his accounts are frozen.

He said that Altaf Hussain has the desire to come back to Pakistan and the MQM workers are willing the same as well. He said that Altaf Hussain is one of the main targets of Taliban so he will not suggest him to come back to Pakistan.

He said that some important government officials have ensured that Altaf Hussain will be issued his ID card.

He said that the act of rebuking Dr Ishrat Ul Ibad by Altaf Hussain was a just step. He said that Altaf Hussain and Dr Ishrat Ul Ibad have the relation of leader and worker and it will remain intact.

He said that Nawaz Sharif should go to India we can not change our neighbor but we can change its mind set.

He said that we had better relationship with India during last BJP government when Wajpai was their PM.

He said that coming days will reflect the fate of MQM decision to join PPPP government.

He said that MQM wants to see free media but along with responsibility.