14 May, 2014 10:33

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SHAFQAT MAHMOOD OF PTI said that no consultation was done on Najam Sethi as care taker CM of Punjab. He said that we were just informed about Najam Sethi and we gave our positive answer. He said that we were vigilant after we learnt that fake votes are being cast. He said that after Nawaz Sharif announced his victory the election commission staff stopped cooperating with us. He said that the evidence is found in all the constituencies checked so for rigging.

He said that PTI is in contact with all political parties including MQM on the reforms of election process.

He said that PTI supports peace process in the region with all the neighboring countries. He said that unfortunately India has not responded positively to the efforts made by Pakistan for peace so far. He said that our party opposes the ban on any TV channel.

He said that Altaf Hussain keeps dual nationality and he should be issued ID card according to the rules.

FAISAL SABZWARI OF MQM said that in the last elections so much money was spent that he never seen in his life before. He said that in his constituency election commission was not even ready to hold elections because of the security threats. He said that MQM will support all the positive suggestions to make elections process transparent. He said that there should be legislation also about billion of rupees given to the media houses during the election campaign.

He said that we have paid the fee but the ID card for Altaf Hussain has not been issued yet. He said that we are told that the NADRA record has been disappeared and we do not know how it is possible. He said that we are being victimized for last many decades for prejudices and once again we are treated like in the past. He said that NADRA is not delaying the ID card for Altaf Hussain but simply denying issuing it.

QAMAR ZAMAN KAIRA OF PPPP said that the interior ministry should see the matter that why Altaf Hussain ID card is being delayed.

He said that PPPP is always victimized for election rigging in the past. He said that PTI wants investigations against the rigging in the elections so it could not take place in the future. He said that the protest of PTI id called threat to the democratic government by PML-N. He said that when CM of Punjab turned rebellion against PPPP government that also posed the threat to the democratically elected government. He said that all the political parties are protesting against the election rigging so the election commission should resign voluntarily. He said that Imran Khan should also give his suggestions to make election process transparent.