2 May, 2014 10:50

Imran Khan in Nadeem Malik Live - 1st May 2014http://www.awaztoday.tv/News-Talk-Shows/56404/Imran-Khan-in-Nadeem-Malik-Live-1st-May-2014.aspx







He said that the way Geo ran media trial of DGISI for eight hours it does not happen any where in the world. He said that the country is in crises right now but there is no danger to democracy. He said that Nawaz Sharif does not understand the democracy because he is germinated by the dictators. He said that the way our agencies treated our own people after 9/11 it not practiced in the civilized world. He said that fair elections are necessary for the continuation of the democracy. He said that protesting is the democratic right we demanded to open four constituencies against rigging but was not responded. He said that the day four constituencies are opened it will make clear that how much rigging was done. He said that he is going to reveal the details of rigging in a press conference tomorrow. He said that the volume of rigging was so huge that he himself is surprised to know it.

He said that Iftikhar Ahmed Ch covered up the rigging in the elections. He said that Iftikhar Ahmed Ch some retired judges and Geo group is involved in the rigging. He said that CJ took suo moto notices on little things but not on election rigging. He said that the counting of the votes was still underway when Geo announced that Nawaz Sharif is victorious in the elections. He said that Jahangir Tareen and Hamid Khan were winning till evening but next morning they were declared the losers.

He said that PTI, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed and JI are going to join the protest on 11th of May but he is not sure about Tahir Ul Qadri as yet. He said that if there is no accountability he will not let next elections take place.

He said that first the employee of Geo was appointed CM of Punjab and then as chairman PCB. He said that he will go to the end against the rigging in the elections and will not rest until he achieves the ultimate. He said that he is not protesting against the rigging in the elections for personal interest but for the country.

He said that we do not have any other way but the democracy only democratic countries make progress. He said that the countries where martial law is imposed goes up little bit but then drops down more than ever.

He said that if he were the PM of Pakistan he was going to stay in Balochistan till the problem was resolved and was going to set a camp there.

He said that his party has fixed the police system in KPK now there is no political involvement in it. He said that we are holding an inquiry in KPK against our own two ministers if they are involved they will be sacked. He said that PTI is focused on education in KPK the most.

He said that PPPP doubled the price of electricity in five years whereas PML-N has done the same in ten months only. He said that PML-N has doubled the electricity prices but the circular debt still exists there.

He said that he claims that the election’s results were announced without the counting of the votes. He said that he has gathered proof that a brigadier of MI helped in rigging in Lahore.

He said that the people involved in the attacking on Hamid Mir should be severely punished.